The Halloweenesque American Television Special

28 October 2013

As Halloween draws near, nearly every single television channel is filled with spooky horror films, new trailer releases or television episodes celebrating the most supernatural day of the year. Now for some, this is incredible. It's a chance to get spooked, to feel the thrill, the rush of fear on the day that celebrates it all. As for me ... I definitely do not have the stomach to handle pure horror. There is just something so terrifying about those films or episodes, that just make me scared to shut my eyes at night - just in case something crawls from under the bed, or walks through walls to come for my bones! Dramatic ... I know. I have a very over-active imagination. So, for all you girls and guys out there in the same position as me, you don't have to worry! We can all stick together with our dramatic thrilling television episodes, which are just as exhilarating as any other horror movie out there.  So without further ado and in no particular order, lets look at the alternatives ... Shall we?

1) Teen Wolf 3x06: "Motel California"
Teen Wolf  has to be one of my favourite discoveries of this past year. This show has had some incredibly thrilling episodes, which keep you on your toes. But there is no other episode, more intensely satisfying as 'Motel California'. This episode is filled with an eerie chill from start to finish, and also has a number of heart-wrenching scenes - literally. The Beacon Hills gang end up stranded in the middle of nowhere, forcing them alongside their lacrosse team, to spend the night in the creepy dingy, Motel Glen Capri. But as Lydia Martin says, "A lot can happen in one night." Trust the supernatural locator, all is not what it seems at the nightmare hotel. The gang are definitely in for a rough night, with screaming, near death encounters and ghosts of the past. I only have three words - Team Human Rules. No question about that here!

2) Charmed 2x14: "
Pardon My Past"
Charmed was my first introduction to the supernatural world during my childhood, and it will always have a special place in my heart. Although there is already one Halloween based episode in the series, (All Hailwell's Eve), 'Pardon My Past' has a particularly distinctive vibe that is just so breath-taking. In this episode, Phoebe's life is threatened by events from her past life. She finds herself going back in time to the 1920s, in order to get some answers into why these events are happening, and how to stop them. The world of the 1920s is encapsulated beautifully by the decor, the costumes and the music. The concept of reincarnation and past lives is just such a fascinating subject! Throw in the atmosphere of the 1920s, and you have yourself a winner. Who doesn't love a good old 1920s show down between good and evil? 

3) Under The Dome 1x05: "Blue on Blue"

Nothing screams more dramatic then the approaching apocalypse - as if Under The Dome wasn't already terrifying enough! The citizens of Chester's Mill find themselves seeing their loved ones for the first time, since the dome has cut off the outside world from this little town. They soon realise however, the government has decided to launch a missile at the dome, which could potentially kill everyone living in it. To see the way these characters face what could be the last day of their lives is pretty heartbreaking. Awaiting death is not an easy task!

4) The Secret Circle 1x08: "Beneath"
The show that was gone way too soon ... The Secret Circle. Oh CW, I will never understand why you let this one get away ... The world of The Secret Circle is filled with horrors, mystery and witches, which makes for one hell of a pretty thrilling season. In search of Cassie's grandmother, Jane, the Chance Harbour witches decide to head to Henry's lake house to investigate. The trip soon however turns into an overnight stay, due to the brewing storm outside. Without paternal supervision, what trouble could these teen witches get up to? Especially with a traitor amongst their mist! What starts of as an innocent search for a loved one turns into a terrifying mystery, as Faye and Cassie begin to see something lurking beneath the shadows ... 

5) Roswell 2x07: "Wipeout!"

Roswell, the story of three alien-human hybrids, Max, Isabelle and Micheal who attempt to figure out who they are, keep the identity from the public and attempt to survive on a daily bases with the help of their human friends; Liz, Maria, Alex, Maria, Kyle and Sheriff Valenti. A show that was way ahead of it's time ... What would you do if everyone you knew disappeared? What if you were one of the only survivors living in a ghost town? Well the Roswell gang are in for hell of a ride, as the Skins come back to get their revenge. No-one alive and kicking is safe. It's an intense couple of hours for the guys in New Mexico, as they try to save the members of the town and also ... save alive in the process! 

6) Pretty Little Liars 3x13: "This Is A Dark Ride"
Whether you love it or hate it, Pretty Little Liars has some incredible Halloween episodes to date – well, excluding last week's train wreck of course. Each Halloween brings out the most jaw-dropping, thrilling and sometimes horrifying events, which make fans scream in delightful terror, and keep them wanting more for the January première of the upcoming season. This episode involves some fancy dress, destination in the middle of nowhere, and enemies who lurk in the shadows. The girls find themselves on the midnight train partying the night away on Halloween, but they haven't left the monsters behind them. Sweet little Aria finds herself in a life threatening struggle, as the girls race the clock to find her before it's too late. This has to be one of my favourite episodes of Pretty Little Liars to date, oh the chills! 

And so here we are! A collection of dramatically thrilling episodes to keep you comfy on Halloween night. Do you have any other episode that you would add to the list? Let me know - in the comments below! Happy Halloween! ^_^

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