"Meeting Your Mother"

11 November 2013

"What I didn't know then was that the beginning of my love story wasn't so far away, and that New York would end up being my home for many more years to come ..."

After watching a couple of episodes from the final season of 'How I Met Your Mother', I felt inspired and extremely nostalgic. The long journey of how Ted Moseby finally met his wife is coming to an end. It seems like we have seen the best and worst of his character. It's like saying goodbye to someone you've known for so long. The current uncertain limbo he faces concerning his direction in life, in this season, is something I can definitely relate to, especially with my graduation date looming closer and closer. I channelled my inner Ted Moseby, the philosophical nerd and hopeless romantic, and came up with this interesting fiction piece. To read the rest of this short creative piece, please click here. Please, tell me what you think - I would love to know!

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