Teen Wolf Returns: Dark times lie ahead

22 December 2013

Remember when 'Teen Wolf' was adorable, light hearted and soft thriller? Those days are so gone. God - look how far we've come. This upcoming season looks incredibly dark and intensely terrifying. The Beacon Hills gang are now vulnerable pawns in a game that has really expanded outside the world of werewolf hunters, mythological creatures and alpha packs. This time the gang seem to be facing their worst enemy yet, and this isn't just physical anymore. It's psychological, which makes it all the more terrifying!

It seems to me that Scott, Alison and Stiles are really feeling the aftermath of their sacrifice - especially Stiles! The one character who has always seemed to bring the comic relief to the series seems to be more vulnerable and absolutely terrified. This season will be an interesting one for him! I predict that the void or trickster spirit will try to use Stiles as an accomplice through possession in order to destroy the gang, or anyone who gets in their way. The fact that he may have been chosen as a possible prime target may even have something to do with his mother - who we'll find out more about this season!  Whoever this new foe is, the Beacon Hills crew are going to have a hard time defeating them.

Another aspect of this new season that I am completely looking forward to is these new characters that we get to have the pleasure of meeting, Kira Yukimura and her father. It is nice to see that both Alison and Scott have new love interests. They are teenagers after all, and maybe they'll learn more about each other through these new relationships. I am sure that Scott's new relationship with Kira will definitely take the show in a new direction. It'll also be fun to see how this relationship develops in the mist of all things supernatural. And Stiles ... well that kiss definitely means there's some kind of love interest out there for him! I surely hope so - with all the drama going on in his life, he needs some romance to bring some light into his world. Could it even be Lydia ..... Oh! So many exciting things to look forward to in January!

What do you think of this new trailer? Do you have any predictions of what could happen? Oh I'm getting goosebumps thinking about all the possibilities that can come from this season! I do know one thing for sure .... I'll be hiding under my blanket this season, and sleeping with the lights on! It's about to get scary ....

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