Why I love to write

26 January 2014

I love to write, because there is nothing more exciting and infuriating, as organising your incoherent thoughts and putting them to paper. I love to write, because there is always a challenge involved in the process, weather its perfecting a particular sentence, finding the right adjectives to describe the atmosphere, or creating the perfect setting to describe a particular scene, for the characters you've crafted together in the depths of your mind. I love to write, because in my over active imagination, I dream up a different reality to my own life, and characters that either resemble or differ from the people I know in my everyday life. I love to write, because I get to meet and craft new characters who I've never known before. I love to write, because exploring these characters through the actions they take, and the way they conduct themselves in their fictional realities, can be so entertaining and fulfilling. I love to write because my imagination can take me anywhere; its a place where I am able to create fictional worlds, where almost anything is possible - just believing is key. 

I love to write, because it is a chance for me to explore my thoughts and feelings, in a place far away from judging eyes and hushed whispers - a place where I am heard and where my voice is always key. 
I love to write, because I'm able to document the ever changing thoughts and emotions I find myself entangled in. I love to write, because it's my way of making sense of the world, through exploring the nature of people and their characteristics, by seeing their relationships develop between other characters, their passions and attitudes towards the things in life, and their interest in the world around them. I love to write because it gives me the opportunity, to speak to millions through the words of language, and share a platform of discussion with the unique minds of many. Without words after all, how on earth would we be able to communicate?

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