011. The Maze Runner

28 February 2015

Adapted from the popular novel, The Maze Runner tells the story of Thomas - a boy with no memory of who he is. Thomas finds himself inside a maze with a community of teenage boys living harmoniously together. Everything begins to changes drastically however, when a girl enters the maze for the first time carrying a note that will change everything.

The Maze Runner was literally one of the most perfect novel to film adaptations I've seen in a long while.  While being faithful to it's novel counterpart, this movie adds it's own flavour to the story that keeps you gripped  to the screen throughout. It was entertaining and engaging from the very beginning. Told in a fast paced narrative that keeps you on your toes. Mirrors the suspense, mystery and confusion of the book. All and all, thrillingly entertaining. So excited to see what's in store in The Scorch Trials.

* * * * * 
Just like the book, the mystery of the maze was utterly captivating on screen. This movie is exceptional loyal to it's novel counterpart. Just as in the book - this novel jumps straight into the universe, and is so captivating. The mystery behind Thomas and the Maze is almost too much. While it skips over several details, it stays faithful to its source material. It's jam packed, and entertaining. If you are looking for a mystery and thriller, this is your story. The cast carry this film exceptionally well. While Dylan O'Brien (Thomas) carries this story well as its protagonist, Thomas Brodie-Sangster who plays Newt really stood out the most. With his sense of wisdom and almost friendly charm, Thomas plays the character of Newt exceptionally well!

Something I loved about this movie was how they nailed the ending. It was on point and as jaw-dropping as the book! I don't know about you but I felt so exhilarated just watching it. Such a brilliant lead up to get you excited for The Scorch Trials!

The Maze Runner relied a lot on it's action, which I found interfered with some of the plot lines and character development. In the film, we never really got to know the boys all that well. I wanted to get more of a sense of Alby and Gally's character.  relationship development between characters. I wish we could have seen more of a bond form between Chuck and Thomas. I always imagined Thomas to be like an older brother to Chuck in the novel - and I really didn't get that sense. Their entirely brotherly bond was cut from the screen.

Something that I don't quiet understand is how they'll continue the rest of this series since they've removed a key point in Teresa and Thomas's relationship. How will they manage to continue this series without it? I guess we'll find out pretty soon though - since The Scorch Trials is released in September!


The Maze Runner was an enjoyable adventure, with promise of more action and suspense yet to come. Like it's novel counterpart, it is full of mystery and suspense to keep you on the edge of your toes. An enjoyable movie for all dystopian and young adult fiction lovers.

So what do you think of The Maze Runner? Let me know in the comments below!

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Finding Inspiration

26 February 2015

As a creative, I know how difficult it can be to get ideas to start new projects - or even finish existing ones. Sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration to get yourself in the right direction, especially if you find yourself facing a creative block. So weather you are a writer, a blogger, a graphic designer or an artist, here are a few ideas to help you find inspiration.

010. The Nine Lives of Chloe King

23 February 2015

The Nine Lives of Chloe King tells the story of a young girl Chloe, whose mythological heritage is awakened on her 16th birthday. She is the uniter of the Mai, a species from ancient Eygpt  - who are basically super human with cat-like reflexes. Her powers make her a target against human supernatural hunters, who have an ever-long-lasting fued with the Mai.

Though this series started off a little rocky, it was entertaining and fun to watch. Between the action of Mai universe and the family-friendship dynamics in the show, there was always something to keep you entertained. The Nine Lives of Chloe King really had the potential to grow as series. There were so many intriguing story lines to develop, between 
exploring the mysterious of the Mai, other mythological creatures, and their feud with supernatural bounty hunters. Unfortunately just as the show finally found it's footing, it was cancelled before all those beautiful plot lines could reach their full potential, and come to their final conclusions.

Heads up - if you don't want to get spoiled, skip to the conclusion! I can't contain my feelings for this story!
* * * * *

What I loved about the series the most was the whole mythology between the Mai and humans - not to mention Jackals too! I was amazed how unique the whole concept was - seeing as we have vampire and werewolf story-lines running from left, right and centre these days. Out of all the characters on the show,
Skyler Samuels - who played Chloe - stood out to me the most. Her acting felt natural and very quirky. She was a pleasure to watch as the show continued, which makes me so excited to see her performance in The DUFF! 

My favourite moment of season one was that amazing cliffhanger! It literally set up future storylines, and gave this sneak peak at where the series could go - like exploring Zane's gurdge against the Mai even though he is Mai himself. Oh and the fact that Alek is his brother - who he might even try to kill! What truly happened to Chloe's father since Brian's grandmother was impersonating him? What was going to happen to Chloe's mother, since Brian's dad has her? If Brian survived - who would he side with? His dad or Chloe? Did his mother die at the hands of his grandma? As you can see so many questions! Oh, it's so sad knowing that they'll never be answered on the big screen.

The two main flaws that I found with this series were to do with the script and casting. I found Benjamin Stone didn't hold the exact charm and charisma that the character of Alek needed. While charming on the surf, he wasn't really able to pull of that snarky, cocky but endearing attitude. I hate to say it, but he felt pretty wooden. One-
dimensional. I wanted more emotion, more feeling from him! As for Brian (played by Grey Damon) - I wish he'd been been given more quality, than just his 'nice' guy role. I actually cared more about Xavier - who was only in the pilot episode - than Brian. 

As for the scripting, there were times I found dialogue to be so artificial. I wish the dialogue had felt more natural, something you would hear in everyday conversation rather than scripted. Sometimes in the show dialogue felt pretty out of place, and kind of disconnected me from the story. I wonder if this may be why the series fell a little short in the first place.

                                   * * * * *
All in all, The Nine Lives of Chloe King was a show with promise, which held intrigue and depth. Despite it's shortcomings, this show had potential to grow into a pretty awesome show, expanding on the Mai universe and it's origins. Unfortunately it was cancelled before everything could come to fruition.

Seen The Nine Lives of Chloe King? What did you think of the series? Let me know!

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A Year of Happy: Crafting Haul

18 February 2015

As you may remember from my letter to myself last month, I'm participating in October June and  Allison Leighann's A Year of Happy Tag, where you're set monthly challenges. And the challenge for this month is to spend £10 in a thrift shop or dollar store, and buy anything that makes you happy.

But since I've been getting into crafting and DIYs as of late, I thought take a trip down to my local Hobbycraft, and pick up a few things to help me create a few projects. It's almost like your chance to take a sneak peak into the DIYs coming your way - very soon might I add! Oh, it's so exciting!

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks, £5 // Foam Felt, £1 // Felt Sheets, £1 
Ribbon, £1.40 // Box (part of 6) - £0.60 each

Keep an eye out for future DIYs coming your way! Who else loves going to the craft store?

009. Big Hero 6

16 February 2015

Big Hero 6 tells the story of Hiro Hamada - a 14 year old robotics genius - who with the help of his friends, attempts to battle an evil villain roaming the streets of San Fransokyo. 
I have been waiting for this film for what feels like a lifetime, and it did not disappoint! Big Hero 6 was everything I hoped it would be and so much more. Words can't even describe how much I loved and enjoyed this film. It was brilliantly constructed from start to finish, with just the right amount of drama and action combined together. This story has so much depth - and I am in such awe of it. I urge every single one of you who hasn't seen Big Hero 6 yet to go watch it. You won't be disappointed.

If you don't want to be spoiled, I suggest skipping to the end of the post, because I can not contain myself. For reals.

*  *  *  *  *
Big Hero 6 was just perfection. There is no other way to describe it. I'm not even sure where to start. There was so much I loved about this film. This story isn't like anything I've ever come across. It's so authentic. It combined the everyday human experience - of family, friendship, loss and adventure - with the fascination of technology. And technology isn't something I'm usually that interested in, but I was captivated by every inch of it in this movie. The visual graphics in Big Hero 6 were so stunning! I was in love with San Fransoyko. This mashed up world of San Francisco and Tokyo that combined the best of both worlds. It was all there right in front of you, San Fran's tram system and long loop road, to the beautiful cherry blossom trees and vibrant lights of Tokyo. Can it just be real so I can move there? 

Every single character held their ground in this film, and were just so hilarious. I loved every single one of them! I loved Hiro's childlike essence so full of check, and the fact that he could also be so endearingly vulnerable. Honey Lemon was so quirky and screamed scientific brilliance, breaking all the stereotypes of cheerleader blondes.  Go-go was a walking swagger machine owning everything in her path, which was utter awesomeness. Wasabi was the pure embodiment of cool, and Fred was that fanboy always high on life. Oh gosh, can we just talk about Tadashi for a moment. He was literally the heart and soul of everything. So much purity and goodness! 

Jesus, I'll confess I cried three times during this film, because of all the emotions caused by TadashiI don't think I've ever been that emotional in a cinema hall - nope. I love the way this movie dealt with grief. The way Hiro became so consumed in his grief and loss over Tadashi - who was everything to him. A brother and a mentor. It was just so emotional! And yet this movie was also so full of life and energy. Baymax was more than Hiro's loyal friend - his best friend. He was the perfect reincarnation of Tadashi - that spoke to Hiro in his most urgent time of need. He became the source of good that helped Hiro move on. Man, if I didn't already have enough reasons to love Baymax. Seriously, where can I get a squish-able marshmallow like him? 

My only flaw with this film was that it wasn't longer. I wanted more. More time to divulge into the story, more time to learn about each character's backstory, and get more invested into the story. I wish we saw more of Tadashi's character. I was so not ready to lose him. It was way too soon. In all fairness, with the amount of characters and action going on - the timing of his death could not be helped. One of my friends who saw the film with me actually said to me maybe this story might work better as a series - which would be amazing! In the beginning every episode could be an origin story for each character. They'd be more time to explore more and expand on events. And who knows, it might even be a possibility since this movie is out in the universe now!

Funny enough for a long while, I thought the masked villain was actually Tadashi. That somehow he'd lost his memory, and was employed by an evil genius to carry out his evil plan. That would have been one hell of a plot twist. Even though I'm glad that this movie still had the shock factor for me, I wished this was true! I just selfishly wanted more time with Tadahsi, and this would have been such an interesting storyline. I can imagine Hiro and his friends trying to help Tadashi, who stubbornly refuses. But then as he regains his memory, he risks his life again to save them all and the city, - turning back into the amazing character we all know him to be. I get chills just thinking about it!
*  *  *  *  *
Big Hero 6 is a wonderful adventure that'll leave you sobbing, laughing and sat in awe at the edge of your seat. One of the best animated films I've seen in a very long time. Well worth the watch. You won't regret it - at all. 

So what are your thoughts on Big Hero 6?

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Love Song Mixtape

14 February 2015

Happy Valentines Day everybody! If you didn't already know by now, I love holidays. So it'll probably come as no surprise to you that I actually love Valentines Day. I think it's nice to have a reason to be happy, and a day out of our regular routines dedicated to love - and that kind of love doesn't to at all be romantic either! So to celebrate this special day, I thought I'd put together a mix tape for all of you lovely people. How 90s of me, right? I hope whatever you get up to, today is filled with happiness, love and most of all appreciation for the people you love, and who love you!


I hope you have a wonderful day! So what are you up to this Valentines Day?

International Romances to sweep you off your feet!

12 February 2015

So it's that time of year again, where love is in the air. Now, let's face the facts. Most of the movies you've probably ended up watching on Valentines Day probably consist of The Notebook, Titanic or Love Actually. The most typical and most overplayed movies ever in the history of romance. So this year, why not venture out and see what the rest of cinema has to offer. What have you got to lose?

Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

9 February 2015

Still struggling to find gift ideas in time for Valentines Day? Don't worry about it. I got you covered - all curtsy of the wonderfully talented creatives on YouTube! It's always giving presents to the people you love. Valentines Day doesn't have to just be about that special someone. It can just be about the people you love having in your life, from your friends to your parents - even your cat if you have one! So for all of you still searching for some last minute gift ideas, here's a few ideas to help you get started. 

What I've learnt from Indian Dramas

5 February 2015

Growing up, my parents loved to watch Indian dramas. I remember sitting down on a Friday night, watching these dramatic soaps about characters who lived in an entirely different world than I did. It also became like a tradition in our household. I'll admit they were pretty entertaining for a while - when I had no idea how utterly predictable and ridiculous they actually were! Since moving back home with my parents, I have been subjected to the world of Asian dramas again. It has literally been unavoidable. Lucky I have learnt sooo many valuable life lessons from these shows, that I decided to share them with you all today! So without further ado, let's get started!

008. Into The Woods

2 February 2015

Into The Woods - © Disney Enterprises
Into The Woods tells the story of a childless baker and his wife who go on a quest set by the witch, to reverse the curse placed on them. Along the way, they bump into several characters including Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk), who all have wishes and dreams of their own. 

This wonderful musical indulges and defies the cliches of all the classic fairy-tales we know and love. Every story is enchanting, and every single character helps to make this movie spectacularly amazing! With songs at every turn, Into The Woods seamlessly leaves you breathless and entranced throughout with clever twists throughout. If you have not seen it yet, I urge you to go and see it, because it is so awesome, 
ever so entertaining and utterly captivating! Into The Woods by far is one of my favourite films of 2015 so far. Now time to talk spoilers ....

*  *  *  *  *
I don't think I can put truly in words how much I loved and adsorbed this movie. Everything about Into The Woods was so visually stunning. The cinematography was so on point - supporting the brisk fast paced nature of film, helping to aid the storyline along and capture every movement and moment of the movie, putting spotlight on each character when their turn came. The acting in this film was superb! Every single cast member executed the role they had to play brilliant, which helped to shape and define the universe of Into The Woods. Lilla Crawford who played Little Red Riding Hood was absolutely spectacular! She carried herself with such grace and childlike innocence, it was such a pleasure to watch. Anna Kendrick nailed her vocal performances, which blew me away - period. The biggest surprise of all though for me was James Corden, who carried the weight of this film as the most wonderful narrator. Who even knew he could sing! I was just amazed by the amount of talent in this film truly. 

My favourite defining moments of Into The Woods was that ultimate twist, which stole my breath away! The giant earthquake was almost like the ripple that broke the picture perfect fairy-tale everyone was living in. It broke all conventions, taking a very different direction from the norm. It was almost like two movies in one. The happy ever after ... then the grim reality. Just so awesome.

I was a little sad to see that Rapunzel and her prince had truly little time to really shine on screen. I wish they had included more for them. I wished that we could see Rapunzel finally reunite with her brother.

My only other flaw with this musical is the way the witch's death was portrayed when she sings the Last Midnight. I couldn't quiet decipher what she was saying exactly in hysterics, and neither could my friend beside me. Then she started throwing around beans - which I assumed was punishment for the other characters for not turning Jack in to the lady giant - and then the witch transforms into tar. Seriously, what was that?!  It was only until I goggled the lyrics when I got home, realising what she was saying. In that moment I believe the music drowned out Meryl Streep's voice - making it an audio issue. But with all considered, it's such a small detail.

Conclusion ...
Into The Woods was such a spectacular story that every fairy-tale fan can appreciate. While telling its own unique spin, it entertains thoroughly and captivates you from the very beginning. Well worth the watch. You'll be replaying its soundtrack long after the credits end!

So what did you think of Into the Woods? Did it meet your expectations?

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