008. Into The Woods

2 February 2015

Into The Woods - © Disney Enterprises
Into The Woods tells the story of a childless baker and his wife who go on a quest set by the witch, to reverse the curse placed on them. Along the way, they bump into several characters including Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk), who all have wishes and dreams of their own. 

This wonderful musical indulges and defies the cliches of all the classic fairy-tales we know and love. Every story is enchanting, and every single character helps to make this movie spectacularly amazing! With songs at every turn, Into The Woods seamlessly leaves you breathless and entranced throughout with clever twists throughout. If you have not seen it yet, I urge you to go and see it, because it is so awesome, 
ever so entertaining and utterly captivating! Into The Woods by far is one of my favourite films of 2015 so far. Now time to talk spoilers ....

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I don't think I can put truly in words how much I loved and adsorbed this movie. Everything about Into The Woods was so visually stunning. The cinematography was so on point - supporting the brisk fast paced nature of film, helping to aid the storyline along and capture every movement and moment of the movie, putting spotlight on each character when their turn came. The acting in this film was superb! Every single cast member executed the role they had to play brilliant, which helped to shape and define the universe of Into The Woods. Lilla Crawford who played Little Red Riding Hood was absolutely spectacular! She carried herself with such grace and childlike innocence, it was such a pleasure to watch. Anna Kendrick nailed her vocal performances, which blew me away - period. The biggest surprise of all though for me was James Corden, who carried the weight of this film as the most wonderful narrator. Who even knew he could sing! I was just amazed by the amount of talent in this film truly. 

My favourite defining moments of Into The Woods was that ultimate twist, which stole my breath away! The giant earthquake was almost like the ripple that broke the picture perfect fairy-tale everyone was living in. It broke all conventions, taking a very different direction from the norm. It was almost like two movies in one. The happy ever after ... then the grim reality. Just so awesome.

I was a little sad to see that Rapunzel and her prince had truly little time to really shine on screen. I wish they had included more for them. I wished that we could see Rapunzel finally reunite with her brother.

My only other flaw with this musical is the way the witch's death was portrayed when she sings the Last Midnight. I couldn't quiet decipher what she was saying exactly in hysterics, and neither could my friend beside me. Then she started throwing around beans - which I assumed was punishment for the other characters for not turning Jack in to the lady giant - and then the witch transforms into tar. Seriously, what was that?!  It was only until I goggled the lyrics when I got home, realising what she was saying. In that moment I believe the music drowned out Meryl Streep's voice - making it an audio issue. But with all considered, it's such a small detail.

Conclusion ...
Into The Woods was such a spectacular story that every fairy-tale fan can appreciate. While telling its own unique spin, it entertains thoroughly and captivates you from the very beginning. Well worth the watch. You'll be replaying its soundtrack long after the credits end!

So what did you think of Into the Woods? Did it meet your expectations?

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