Relaxing after a long day

30 April 2015

You've spent what seems like forever carrying out your university work, or working all day at the office, and you can't wait to come home and just unwind. A much well-deserved break, if you ask me. Life gets so busy sometimes, and it seems like a list of never ending chores. But it's so important to take some time out for yourself every once in a while, and give yourself some time to re-energise. It's been proven that taking a break and letting the mind wonder, helps increase productivity as well. Everyone has different ways of relaxing at the end of the day. Here are just a few tips to help you find yours!

018. MockingJay Part 1

27 April 2015

Jumping straight back into action, Mockingjay Part 1 starts where Catching Fire picks off. As Katniss struggles to come top terms with the loss of her comrades especially Peeta, District 13 begins to prepare together the equipment to take on the capital. A war is brewing right on the horizon, and so much is at stake.

I was never really a fan of the final book in The Hunger Games series, mostly because of it's sour end. I expected to love the first part of Mockingjay, and sourly dislike the latter. But I'm surprised to say Mockingjay Part 1 is my least favourite film in the series. The story itself sets up for epic finale I'm sure, but that feels like this movie's main and sole purpose. It was truly amazing seeing the political workings of a war, but everything else falls short. The engaging elements from the book were missing from this military based adaptation, and I really don't understand why, since it had enough time to divulge and explore. It's clear that Katniss takes complete front and centre in this film - with very little room for other players to contend. All in all, I'm pretty disappointed with the outcome of this movie, and I can already tell that Part 2 will definitely be better than this.

Time for Spoilers ....


25 April 2015

I'm homesick for a place that just doesn't exist. My heart lies divided in two places. The place I grew up in, and the place I live in. They both hold memories dear to me. My childhood home holds my friends and my family. Those evenings we spent by the park, playing around the swings and talking about moments in our teenage lives. Those days spent watching movies around the dinner table, with a bowl of my mother's homemade chilli popcorn shared between my parents and I. Now my world holds the independence I always longed for, but never could find in that old hometown of mine. It comes with it's own structure and responsibilities - 
words my young teenage-self use to avoid like the plague. Instead of waiting for my mother's home made dinners, I create my own with recipes I've discovered on the internet. I make my own flavours with sauces and peppers from the local supermarket across the road. Life is different now. I love it. I do. But then ...

Then comes the feeling of nostalgia. Old friends and places I no longer can visit. Roads that use to be 10 minutes away - within the grasp of my feet - are now three hours away, down a long road which I can not follow. Going back wouldn't help - since people are scattered and following their own path miles away. So I look ahead and find unfamiliar but friendly faces to converse with and become companions on the journey ahead. We talk and we laugh - long hours into the night. With words spoken, and thoughts unsaid. Memories in the making, changing our statuses from acquaintances to friends over time. It does not replace, but it helps to erase, that lingering ghost that calls me to look upon my shoulder, at memories from years before. I still reminisce, but not as much as before. This place I'm living in is slowly becoming my home.

So torn between the world I live in and the world I grew up in. I'm missing a place that doesn't truly exist anymore. 
So I call up my friends in this new town I've been calling home, and decide to have a movie marathon till 2am to take away these home felt blues. And in those moments I know, it'll pass. As I look upon the faces of the people I have come to know, I feel a tenderness that can only be described as being home. And then I truly know. That one day, I no longer will be homesick. I'll just be content with this small little place I've come to live.

* * * * *

Inspired by my own university experience, I decided to create something that was poetically reminiscent of that time frame of when you're in transition. That period of time, when you've moved to a new town - far from your hometown - and are being to create a new life there.  Even if you haven't experienced it just yet, you may do some day. Weather it's for university, a job in a foreign city, or maybe you'll be married and moved to a different country.  It's human nature to look back over our shoulders at the past, whilst still trying to creating memories and moments in the present. Who knows maybe you can relate?

I hope you enjoy it! Any thoughts?

Oh So Brokenhearted Mixtape

23 April 2015

One thing I love to do is create playlists to suit each mood. I love how with every song I hear, I come to imagine a scenario, or even reminisce on the past memory or experience I've had. It's a tool I continue to use as a creative when I'm looking for story inspiration, or even when I need motivation to edit together the pieces I'm putting together. As I'm currently working on a few creative pieces, I thought I'd put together a broken hearted mix to get myself truly in the mindset of heartbreak - the unavoidable side-effect to living life.

Dedicated to all those moments when you feel like your heart is breaking into two, and there is nothing you can do to mend it back together. Like you'll never become whole again. 

A Year Of Happy: Beautiful Objects

20 April 2015

On this month's challenge on A Year of Happy, the task is to make something that you find beautiful. A challenge that encourages me to be more creative - awesome! I've been keeping a little project of mine underwraps for a while now and I decided this may be the perfect moment to unveil it!

Teen Wolf: Season 5 Theories

18 April 2015

It's only a few weeks left until the possibly last season première of Teen Wolf, excitement is in the air! Especially as MTV released the most gripping, and absolutely terrifying teaser trailer for Season Five. The Doctor will see you now?! What the freaking hell is going on this season?! There are just so many possibilities, so many ways that this season could go. Here are a few theories of what I would love to happen on Teen Wolf...

017. Reasons To Stay Alive

16 April 2015

Aged 24, Matt Haig found himself feeling lost and hopeless, seeing no way he could go on living. 
Reason To Stay Alive is an account of that journey and how he overcome his struggle from the dark depths of his illness. 

I remember stumbling across this book by accident through twitter. I had heard there would be a book signing with Matt Haig - and being an avid book signing attender I thought I'd go. Having the privilege of hearing Matt speak about his novel was pretty much what sold this book to me, and I'm so glad it did. Reasons to Stay Alive is an important non-fictional novel, that gives a preview into one individual's experience of depression and anxiety. To those who've suffered, it provides solace. To those who haven't experienced those troubles, it gives a glimpse into the hardships and struggles others face on a daily bases. I found this book re-enacts that heavy feeling of a weight you can not explain, and yet tells these stories with a hopeful twist for the future. Well worth reading, and definitely one of the must read novels for everybody this year!

016. Love, Rosie

13 April 2015

Based on the best selling novel, Love Rosie tells the story of best friends Alex and Rosie, through a series of letters sent over the years, as they experience love and life together and apart.

Love Rosie is an enjoyable read, that definitely has some hilarious moments that will have you laughing so hard! But what struck me the most about this story is it tells the realistic struggle of adulthood. Not many romantic novels I've seen have done that pretty accurately. It's honest and authentic - well worth reading whatever age you may be. My only main flaw with this book was it dragged out its love story unnecessarily, draining out its quirky nature and narrative till it's very end. 

Now, time for s
poilers. Back away from the computer if you have not read this yet. Spoilers be waiting ...

101 Things in 1001 Days

11 April 2015

Back when I first got into the early forms of blogging on Livejournal, I remember doing a tag called 101 things in 1001 days - which is exactly what it sounds like. Completing 101 tasks that you set out to do in 1001 days. Funny enough, I don't even remember half the things I wrote on that list! Let alone if I accomplished half of them. So I decided to redo this task, and actually achieve most if not all on my list. Second times the charm, right? So 
without further ado, lets get this show on the road!

Chuck Bass is A

9 April 2015

Chuck Bass is A. That's right, Charles Bartholomew Bass is A. Tired of his mundane days in the Upper East Side, Chuck was looking for more adventure and thrill seeking fun, especially since Blair was no longer on speaking terms with him. One afternoon Chuck stumbled across an old family photo, but not with his biological father. There in the picture taken in American suburbia was the foster mother he had come to love, a young boy with dirt blonde hair and his sister with luscious golden locks and a dazing smile. Oh he had known Alison Dilaurentis for many years. His father, unable to deal with the pain of his mother's loss, had sent Chuck - or Charles as Jessica Dilaurentis use to refer to him as - to the Dilaurentis. She was kind to him - as kind as anyone could be. Her daughter however was another story.

Meeting Jennifer Niven (+ Giveaway!)

6 April 2015

I've been to a lot of book signings in the past several years, and in some ways they've become my addiction. I love going to them and hearing authors talk about their life experiences - the events that inspired them to create their novels. From every single book signing I've been to, I've always been able to learn something from each and everyone of them. But this particular one has a very special place in my heart. I first heard about Jennifer Niven through her best selling book, 'All the Bright Places', which has recently been auctioned for a film adaptation. After reading the first couple of pages from her novel, I was sold. So I headed down to my local Waterstones, prepared to meet Jennifer.

015. Reign (Season 1)

4 April 2015

Reign tells the story of young Mary, the Queen of Scotts, as she returns back to French Court when an assassination attempt is made on her life. Betrothed to the future king of France - Francis, Mary must attempt to secure an alliance with the nation before Scotland falls into the hands of war and the English. 

If you liked Gossip Girl and have a soft spot for period dramas like Downton Abbey, this show is so for you. Reign has the most enchanting historical elements, alongside some pretty gossip like events. It's so gripping. I literally have consumed every single episode, so curious to find out what would happen next. I see so much future potential for this show, and I can't wait to see what Season Two has to offer. 

* * * *

It's been a while since I've seen something so historic, and gosh it was so wonderful to watch. I was just in such awe of it all - the set design, the costumes and dialogue. It was very enchanting and enticing. Reign has this element of old school Gossip Girl, where romance and everyday life experiences are central, but yet there is a political conflict thrown into the fold. Mary and Francis - the main leads of the show - are constantly obligated to fulfil their duties to their respective countries (England and France), which complicates things for their personal love lives and the decisions they make. I found the political aspects of this show so intriguing. I don't think I've seen a show full of such heightened emotion, depicting what it could have been like to be a royal historically before the age of democracy took over.

Now I'll admit Reign probably isn't the most authentic show around, and it also takes quite a few liberalities with the events history, but that's what I enjoy about it. It leaves room for exploration beyond history. I can only hope the producers of the show don't abuse that freedom too much in the next coming seasons.

The first half of Season One was definitely the strongest part of Reign. It established the show very well, and gave it so many dimensions to progress and evolve. But as the episodes continued on, the producers focused way too much on certain romantic relationships more than they should have. I wished they'd paid more attention in those episodes to more - like the political power relationship between each character, and the English threat. There was so many dynamics that I felt didn't reach their true potential. It was definitely a lost opportunity.

I really enjoyed Reign. I fell in love with the historical elements of the show, and the complexity of relationships between characters - especially between Mary and Francis, when their political duties to their own countries came into play in their lives. I'm excited to see the next step this show takes as it continues to develop!

So what did you think of Reign: Season One? Hit or Miss?
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The one thing I will never understand about One Tree Hill

2 April 2015

Like many people out there, I loved One Tree Hill growing up.
It had everything a successful television show should have - drama, romance and heart. From Lucas's insightful quotes, Brooke's sassy nature and the unstoppable Naley (Nathan and Haley for all you newbies!), One Tree Hill never failed to entertain me. But even after all these years, there is still one story line that I can not understand or even being to comprehend. One storyline that I will never be able to truly accept. 

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