Teen Wolf: Season 5 Theories

18 April 2015

It's only a few weeks left until the possibly last season première of Teen Wolf, excitement is in the air! Especially as MTV released the most gripping, and absolutely terrifying teaser trailer for Season Five. The Doctor will see you now?! What the freaking hell is going on this season?! There are just so many possibilities, so many ways that this season could go. Here are a few theories of what I would love to happen on Teen Wolf...

1) Supernatural Secrets Unveiled 
Imagine if there was a secret government agency that discovered the existence of supernatural creatures. Imagine if they decide to capture everything and anything related to the supernatural - testing and experimenting on these creatures - and involved humans too - attempting to extract supernatural powers for soldiers. In their mind, it'd be for the 'greater good', but instead they'd be creating human hybrid monsters whose only aim is to kill and destroy, with no sense of morality. Chilling, isn't it?!

2) Virus Unleashed 
A virus - affecting both human and supernatural - has unleashed on Beacon Hills, killing all the infected and very few have the cure. Those who do are being extracted for their qualities and tested on in the most inhumane ways by doctors, who have only one aim. To stay alive. Panic would fill the streets of Beacon Hills, as no one is safe. Dark times, I tell you!

3) Kidnapped and Tested
Lydia finds herself in a pickle, when she's kidnapped by a demonic priest - whose working for the Desert Wolf, Malia's mother - with the aim of reversing her morality. Turning her to the dark side so to speak. Although we've broached the subject before, I still feel like
 Banshees are unexplored territory. Jeff Davies could get creative this season, and play around with the mythology surrounding Banshees. Imagine if they had the power to collect souls - harbour their energies, strengthen their allies, possibly even act as advisors to supernatural packs! Gosh, I'd love to see Lydia's untapped potential rise the occasion!

4) Witches out for Werewolf Blood
We've had a kanima, a nogitsune, oni's and even wendigo on the show, so what about witches? That would also be new territory so worth exploring. Can you imagine a witch who decides to cause havoc on Beacon Hills, because one of his/her kin was murdered by the dead pool. And since Peter - indirectly - was behind it all, she decides to seek revenge against all werewolf kind, torturing the gang beyond belief. I wonder how Team Werewolf would find themselves out of that mess!

5) Brunski Back From the Dead
Somehow psychotic Brunski has risen back from the dead, and decided to come back and take his revenge on the supernaturals - especially Lydia, Parish and Stiles who led to his death in Season 4. I reckon there was still unfinished business between him and Lydia - who may be in more danger than this season then ever by the looks of things.

What are your theories? What do you want to happen this season on Teen Wolf?

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