Spring Clean Playlist: A Year Of Happy

30 May 2015

On this month's challenge of A Year Of Happy, the aim is to ....

Have a dance party in your room to get those good endorphins flowing! Invite your roommates, your parents, your dog, or just go solo - then share your playlist!
One thing I always love to do round this time of year is give my room a much needed spring clean. I love having that music soundtrack to keep me on track while rumaging through lost item, unwanted pieces of paper and lost hair clips that you finally found. It's so cleansing for the soul and a great way of feeling refreshes and energised just in time for the summer months. So without further ado, here is my Spring Clean playlist.

What's on yours?

TV Shows: Cancelled before their time

28 May 2015

Television is one the most visually engaging platforms there is. Why? Because you watch these fictional characters grow on screen through their struggles and heartaches you come to care for them. You emotionally invest in their stories and their surroundings in the comfort of your own home. You become so deeply attached and see them evolve into the person they are today. So when a particular television networks decide it's time to 'let them go', you find yourself frustrated and angry for not being able to see their story through, for not been given some kind of true conclusion to their adventures.

Sound familiar? I'm sure every single person has that one television show that they loved so dearly, cancelled way before it's time, before it reached it's climax. Over the past several years, I have found a few of my favourite TV shows ripped away from their prime glory by television executives. Here are a few of them ...

020. The Flash: Season 1B

25 May 2015

Starting off as a goofy light hearted show, The Flash has come a long way since it's first episode - setting up character arc's and grounding for the future, while entertaining audiences in the present. This show has had one of the most well rounded first seasons I've ever seen in the history of television - with the right amount of drama, intensity and relationship dilemmas. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of The Flash, and I urge you if you have not see this show already to watch it. Weather or not you are a fan of the comic books, I promise you it will not alienate you ...

The characterisation of Dr Wells through this first season has been incredible. I couldn't have expected that jaw dropping outcome. From our very first glimpses into his dark self from the beginning, to uncovering mysterious of his true identity with the team, it's been an absolutely pleasure finding out the story behind Dr Wells and Eobard Thawne. Seeing everybody come together one by one and releasing the sinister nature that lurks behind those glasses was one of the best parts of this season. An evolution of a character who was once thought to be good corrupting everything he had worked to create - well that's a first!

One of my favourite and heartbreaking moments of this season is when Bary Allen goes back in time and witnesses his mother's murder. Stopped by his future self from saving her, he pulls his willpower together to resist the urge, but is rewarded by getting to speak to her one last time. It shows such courage, such depth to his character. Grant Gustin broke me down hard. That acting in that moment was so on point. That scene is one of the most iconic moments on the show so far - hands down. Guaranteed to always be remembered!

I'm so excited for the future of this show. In those final moments there were snippets of future events including an appearance from Killer Frost, Barry Allen suck in jail and an appearance from another Flash from another universe. It was utterly overwhelming, and yet I wonder if these are all from some parallel universe, now that Barry has found himself stuck inside the worm hole. What world exists if Eddie is no longer alive, meaning that Eobard Thawne never existed? My mind is boggled and I need Season 2 to explain everything to me! Come soon October, come soon!

When the episode 'Out Of Time' (1x15) aired, emotions were ever so heightened. Barry had to stop a tidal wave from coming on to Central City, he and Iris were finally together and Cisco - upon discovering the truth of Dr Well's identity as the Reverse Flash - was silenced to death by Eobard Thawne. I was so sure that we had finally reached the climax - where everything was going to take off. Things were going to start blossoming to their full potential and develop further into oblivion.

But instead when the next episode aired Rogue Time (1x17), we were faced with an ordinary everyday experience at STAR Labs, fighting average crime again instead of dealing with the events of the past episode. It was a real let down, going back into a routine of introducing characters, which in that very moment I didn't have true interest in. My energy was so focused on weather the group would the identity of Dr Wells, my interest began to falter. I wish they had given us something significant to tie us over - like Eobard Thawne conferring with Gideon on his future plans, or his thoughts on Barry's time travel experiences. It really would have helped transition the excitement accordingly - instead of leaving everyone so disorientated!

The Flash has a wonderfully enriched blossoming future ahead, and everything we have seen is only the beginning. From the villians we have yet to face, to future wormholes and universes I'm so excited to see what Barry Allen will face next. It's clear to say that Season 1 has been a well rounded set up for the future, but what the future holds only October will show. So excited! 
So what did you think of this season of
The Flash? Hit or Miss?

Trailer Talk: The Scorch Trials

23 May 2015

After finally escaping the maze, the gladers find themselves face to face with creators who put them there, and deep within The Scorch Trials - which may be the toughest obstacle they've faced in their journey so far.

When I first saw the trailer to The Scorch Trials, I wasn't really sure how I felt about the complete detour the producers had taken from the book - to be excited at the possibilities of this change or horrified that this adaptation is straying so far from its original path with no true return. But after getting over the initial shock, I feel so excited!

As you may recall from my book review of The Scorch Trials, that I had really enjoyed the book, but had found that at certain intervals James Dashner has truly dragged out the story line. This caused that ever so gripping mystery to turn stale until it's climax. These changes in the story may help prevent that from happening, and it can help to create a more well rounded story that can stand on it's on as well! So much potential, so much further development from the books. Can September come any sooner please?

019. Arrow: Season 3B

21 May 2015

Continuing on from the fatal fall that left Oliver Queen on the brink of death, Season 3B finds itself exploring consequences of past actions and mysterious of the Arrow's future in Sterling City. Team Arrow find themselves soul searching and questioning their identity outside of Oliver, while trying to keep Starling city safe. So many mysterious and events lurk in the path of Team Arrow, as they collide against the league of assassins forces and the devil Malcolm Merlyn himself.

This season blew my mind. It's crazy that our biggest concern was about weather Oliver was truly alive. Who knew there were actually things worse than death and being imprisoned on an deserted island for five years? What started of as an identity crisis for Team Arrow turned into a fight for survival, where trust is no longer a given.

Between Olicity, a budding relationship developing between Felicity and Ray Palmer, and tension between Team Arrow and the league, this season was jam-packed and so thrilling! It's only unfortunate that the season finale rushed it's end conclusion, tying up storyline way too neatly packaged.
Spoiler Alert: Readers enter at your own risk.

Why Statistics on "Where Graduates Are Six Months Later" Don't Matter

18 May 2015

Whenever you flick through university catalogues, you'll always finds statistics
of what  graduates are up to six months down the line. When I was applying to university almost four and a half years ago now, I remember how important I thought league tables and graduation statistics were. I remember considering them to be the holy grail of life and success. I paid extra attention to those statistics of where my peers - years ahead of me - were going, and what they has achieved. I remember thinking clearly to myself that the people who weren't employed simply hadn't tried hard enough. After all if you went to a good university and worked hard during those years, it is impossible to not get a job straight after completing education. That is the end goal right? A job? But I was entirely wrong.

Life Lessons I learnt from "Into The Woods"

16 May 2015

There are so many lessons you can learn from fiction, from how to deal with heartbreak and
what not to do when you enter the woods. Earlier this year I watched the fantastic movie musical Into The Woods, which takes all the classic fairy-tales we know and love, and explores the dark consequences that come from their ultimate wishes.

As you probably know from my review, I was absolutely captivated and enchanted by the film and fell deeply in love with it's soundtrack. But the more and more I think about it, this story has some real life valuable lessons that you can learn from. So without further ado, here are a few ....

Crushing on you

14 May 2015

Continuing on from last month's mixtape - Oh So Brokenhearted - I've decided to compile together songs to give some creative inspiration to the writers out there trying to cultivating a living and loving romance. And also to the music lovers out there who want a few songs to listen to - as well.

Personally, I've always found the turning point in novels and stories, of when a main character begins to fall for someone to be so intriguing and ever so endearing. Love - or deep like even - when it's most unexpected is the most adorable. Life is unpredictable at the best of times. You truly can't control what your heart feels, and sometimes you can't even see it coming. It starts with admiration, and slowly but surely becomes something more. Then again love can hit you like a ton of bricks too can't it? Completely irrational and unpredictable.

So dedicated to all of you crushing on someone out there, weather you've met them for the first time or known them for a while now, this is for you. 

What songs would you put on your crush playlist?

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Child Stars: The Need to Escape

11 May 2015

What do Miley Cyrus, Arianna Grande, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato all have in common? They were once all children, who dreamed of taking the stage and performing with all their heart and soul to a crowd that would listen. Children who actually managed to reach that dream before they hit their 20s. The teens who have literally grow up in the limelight, and have fortunately, developed successful careers in Hollywood. But they did not make it there un-scarred. 

As these young stars have grow up, they've found it difficult to mature into adulthood and shed their childhood star images. Why? Because that's what people have come to recognise them as - child stars. Individuals who literally embody the essence of childhood - especially those who grew up alongside them, watching them year after year right before their eyes.

Once you're a child starlet - especially a Disney one - you can't really escape. The world has watched you grow up in front of their very eyes, and they are not quite ready to let that image go. Being pigeon-holed in this way makes it very difficult for the world to take you seriously, especially as you attempt to develop as an artist and mature into a young adult. These child stars are almost imprisoned in the image of these roles, which gave them their stardom with no true escape; no light at the end of media scrutiny. The irony! So what do many of them do? The extreme opposite to shed and reject that very image.

I remember in my first year of university, I took a module which discussed how woman in popular culture were either stereotyped to be innocent or promiscuous. There was no 'true' middle ground. When you take a look at the recent examples of Disney/Nick child stars, it's hard to not ignore that theory. Sometimes the only way these artists have found to truly break out of that image, is by crossing the ultimate line defying the image they once held. Rejecting any form of innocence entirely. While I accept that everyone has a right and is granted the freedom of creative personal expression, it's almost like these stars have been unconsciously pushed into making their choices. Would they have presented themselves this way, if they didn't have this stigma held over them? If they were coming into their careers now, would this have been the route - or the even image - they would have chosen?

It's not fair that these young adults are being judged and held accountable for moral responsibility, purely because they reached their fame as kids. The amount of pressure that puts on a young adult who is still trying to figure out who they are is cruel and unjust. But unfortunately it's a system that's hard to change, but maybe discussing it can be the first step forward. Even just acknowledging it can be healthy step towards changing the status quo.

What are your thoughts on the subject? 

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High School Pet Peeves

9 May 2015

I can't believe it's been almost 5 years since I left Secondary School. Seriously, where did the time go?! It's funny when you leave something behind, you always tend to remember the good moments - the fun times you had, the memories that have you laughing randomly when you're walking downtown.  When you're having a tricky day at university or work, school can seem like a much easier time. But let's face it, there were some horrid pet peeves that you're glad you left so long behind. So without further ado, here are a few ...

10 Years of YouTube

7 May 2015

YouTube turns 10! Oh gosh, how crazy is that?! What's mad is that this little site has only been around for ten years and yet it has taken the world by storm. From the Beauty tutorials we always wanted, to the hilarious challenges we didn't know we wanted - YouTube has been the best source of entertainment, comfort and solace. So to celebrate this joyous occasion, here are ten of my favourite YouTubers so far in this journey.

First Impressions: 'Empire' & It's Characters

4 May 2015

I decided to start a new segment on this dear blog of mine called first impressions, where I basically talk about my initial thoughts on a television show or even an experience. This week's topic - Empire, the show everybody can not stop talking about at all!

After weeks of anticipation - and constantly hearing No Apologies on E4 this past month - , Empire finally aired last week on UK screens. I loved it - absolutely loved it. Empire is my new addiction, and I can not wait to devour every single minute that comes my way. 

How To Keep In Touch With Friends

2 May 2015

As you go through life - experiencing new adventures and changes - you'll find it can be pretty difficult to keep in touch with old friends. Especially those who you no longer see almost everyday, who may even live in a different city to you. As Randolph Bourne once said, 'Friendships are fragile things, and require as much handling as any other fragile and precious thing.'

Friendships need to be nurtured, maintained especially over time - when distance is at play. They should be appreciated - not only on your dark days but happy ones too. It's important not to take them for granted, because time and lack of absolute contact can lead to their down fall.
Over the years, I've picked up tips and ideas of how to keep friendships fresh and constant. So here are a few ways to help keep your friendship strong over the years ...

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