High School Pet Peeves

9 May 2015

I can't believe it's been almost 5 years since I left Secondary School. Seriously, where did the time go?! It's funny when you leave something behind, you always tend to remember the good moments - the fun times you had, the memories that have you laughing randomly when you're walking downtown.  When you're having a tricky day at university or work, school can seem like a much easier time. But let's face it, there were some horrid pet peeves that you're glad you left so long behind. So without further ado, here are a few ...

1. When someone borrows your pencil, and uses the untouched back rubber burned to the brim - returned to you ruined ...
Kid, you broke the golden rule. Do not ever use the back rubber of a pencil in pristine condition. Do not even think about it for one second. It was kept that way for a reason, and not yours to ruin. I was saving that for an important moment .... like to use on future artwork I was planning to create. You asked for that stare you're receiving.

2. Always being asked for pens, pencils, rubbers and rulers because you have a pencil case.
Just because I have a pencil case doesn't mean I've become a librarian for stationary at the age of 13. That wasn't my aim, my ambition in life. I just wanted to keep everything in one place! Why on earth do you put me in this position? Why?

3. That one time you don't put your hand up in class to answer a question, and you get picked on.
Seriously? All those times I knew the answer and decided to put my hand up, you never chose me. Now when I have no answer to give - and no idea what to say, you've decided I'll be the perfect person to pick. I did not put my hand up because I don't know the answer. Picking on me and expecting me to know right now is pointless. You've just wasted two minutes of class time, and have made me blush - intensely pink - for no good reason.

4. That one kid who always brags about having the latest technology in the game, and putting everyone else who doesn't down.
Dude, seriously chill out. It is literally just a phone. They'll be a new one released just for you next month. You change phones as quickly as I read my news feed, and that's a lot. Tell me something, how can you truly enjoy experiencing your phone if you don't keep it for longer than a month or two? You have to keep customising your settings all the time - how tedious. Yup, sounds like so much fun.

5. Getting paired with the loudest, mischievous, naughties kids in class because you're the 'good influence'.
Teachers, I understand your logic. Really, I do. But I did not work this hard to be sat next to someone who is constantly going to ask me questions about homework, barely contribute in group work, and throw things around the room when you're not looking. I worked hard to avoid being in this position.

6. Pointless high school drama of who said what and confrontation
Oh come on people! It's just words that no one will remember long after they graduate. I promise you, it will not matter in ten years time. Nope. You've just wasted a whole lunch time, when you could have been playing football or spending much more valuable time with your friends.

7. That one kid sat next to you, attempting to conspicuously cheat of you when you have quiz tests. Please - I see your eyes ever so slightly fluttering to my page, and your head moving closer to my side. You are not fooling me by a long shot. Don't even think of using my brains, when you can not be bothered to use yours. 

8. Kids who literally try to act so 'gangsta' to be in the cool crowd.
Dude, be yourself and people will like you way more. Way more. Seriously. Don't copy those wannabes that think swagger is a term that should be used almost every minute of the day. Use it sparingly - I dare you. 

9. Those kids who decide to become study buddies with you the day before the exam, and try to get you to explain everything in the syllabus  
Really? What have you been doing all this time from September to April? Hibernating? 

10. Studying so hard for an exam, and finding out that one kid in your class who barely studied - fell asleep frequently in lessons - gets the same/higher grade than you.
I mean great for you, but just why? Why? What is the meaning of everything if the amount of time you've worked hard on something isn't equivalent to the end result? Everything I've ever known is a lie. I don't know what to believe anymore ...

11. Being the only girl in a group of boys
You're telling me that because of the placement of my last name in the alphabet, I'm stuck with boys I'm not really friends with for the rest of the year, while all my friends are in one group at the other side of the room. Jesus - how did this happen?  (PS: This one is a complete exaggeration. They weren't all that bad haha ;) 

Looking back now, I really can't help but laugh at all these moments. When you're going through these times and events, it seems like that's all there is to life. Studying and school clich├ęs. But trust me it's a very small portion of the world you have yet to experience. When you're in school you feel it's the same old routine for the longest time ever, but after it's finished and done - it really is over. So all of those graduating high school in the next couple of months, good luck for the future. You have so much more to look forward to! 

What was your biggest school pet peeves?
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