Be Kind To You

18 June 2015

You are your own worst critic. One of the biggest cliche's in the history of mankind right? But you know what, it is so true. If I've learnt anything in my life, it is that I really am my own worst critic. I'm the type of person that critically analyses everything - from every decision I've made, to all the mistakes I believe I've made. When I've created something, I will work long and hard to perfect it, until I can make it the best it can be. And that skill has been a great asset in my life. I've accomplished some great things because of the way I think. But it can be so exhausting and draining to constantly criticise everything.

To constantly put down your efforts, it is time-consuming, and often not even necessary. You need to relax. Stop that brain of yours and take a second to breathe. Ask yourself, in very that moment, did I do everything I could - with the resources available to me in that time - to the best of my ability? Think carefully with no buts. Then take a second and breathe. If the answer is no, then you have something to work on in future, which is great! More room for improvement and expansion. But if the answer is yes, then take the time to just appreciate the job you've done. No matter the outcome.

Often we are too harsh on ourselves. We need to give each other a break. You are not defined by this project you're working on. You are not defined by your mistakes either. You are defined by your essence, your soul and your personality. So take some time out of your everyday route and be kind to yourself. Treat yourself to something you love once in a while. Tell yourself even when things don't feel like they're okay, that they will be someday soon. If you aren't already, become your best friend. The world can be a cruel place, and sometimes break you in ways that aren't even imaginable. So why are you being so hard on you? Be good to you. If you don't, who will be?

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