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25 June 2015

With Season Five right around the corner, now is truly the best moment to reflect back on some of Teen Wolf's iconic moments from the show. This cast has been through it all - near-life-death experiences, high school drama and identity crisis. It's safe to say it's been a whirl-wind for the Beacon Hills gang. But as we all know in true Teen Wolf fashion, the worst is far from over. Jeff Davies makes sure of that. So to prepare ourselves for the emotions yet to come, let's count down the best ten moments of Teen Wolf so far!

(PS - by no means is this a comprehensive list of every single amazing moment that Teen Wolf has had. God if it was, we would be here a really long time ;)

Note: This post contains spoilers. Readers enter at your own risk ...

 12. Stiles and His Bat
As Stiles often reminds everybody as the only human in the pack, he is 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone, and sarcasm is his only defence ... well that isn't quite true. Whenever there's danger, Stiles and his baseball bat are there ready to take on the world. When the gang are up against the Alpha twins in the hospital, or even taking on a possessed mass murderer whose trying to kill innocent Kira - Stiles and his bat are ready. You just can't have one without the other. Nope.

11. And the beta becomes the Alpha - "You're going to be good at this."
When Scott was bitten by the Alpha aka Peter in season one, Derek became a mentor to him and began to teach him the ways of being a wolf. So when Scott accidentally bites Liam - the pupil must rise to the occasion to become the master. Lost and unsure how to approach the situation, Scott tries to follow the footsteps of Derek by claiming to Liam that they are "brothers now." That obviously doesn't work too well in his favour, leading him to find his own method of persuasion. These moments are a wonderful parallel that show Scott's growth in owning up to his werewolf responsibilities. Oh how he has grown!

11. Mama McCall - "Be Your Own Anchor"
After sacrificing part of their souls to save their parents, Stiles, Alison and Scott find themselves suffering psychologically, as they being to hallucinate and face the internal struggles of their sacrifice. Through this time, Scott struggles to access control over his powers - especially since his break up with Alison, his anchor. In that moment, Melissa McCall says to him in words of wisdom, "Sweetheart, let me tell you something no teenager ever believes, but I guarantee you is the absolute truth. You fall in love more than once. It will happen again. It will be just as amazing and extraordinary as the first time and maybe just as painful. But it'll happen again. I promise. But until then, be your own anchor".  I honestl
y don't think Teen Wolf has truly utilised Mama McCall's awesomeness. She's witty, hilarious, and wickedly insightful. Calling out for more Mama McCall in Season 5!

10. Void Stiles - "I'm A Thousand Years Old. You can't kill me!"
Dylan O'Brien smashed this scene up to the heavens and beyond. How he managed to turn Stiles - the fun loving, sarcastic boy next door - into Void Stiles, the possessed psychotic murdering menace, is beyond me. In the depth of this scene, Dylan portrays a wisdom, arrogance aura that goes beyond his prime age of 23. It is so unbelievably shocking that he never took up acting until the age of 18. Dylan is such a natural and - in my opinion - should have won an award of his portrayal. It was breathtakingly terrifying!

9. The Ultimate Bromance - "You're my brother"
So when Motel California and wolfsbane begin to mess with the minds of the werewolves, Team Human is on the case to restore order and peace to the Beacon Hills gang. In their quest, they stumbled upon Scott who finds himself hopelessly lost and full of despair over the supposed loss of Derek and human sacrifices. His partner in crime Stiles walks into the line of fire and death to help his best friend, his brother see to reason - that he is not alone. Not now, not ever.

Gosh, w
as there ever a close friendship then Scott and Stiles? Nope, never. It's so wonderful to see that even after all these years, these two as thick as thieves. They will not be without each other. Their souls are intertwined no matter who else gets in the way. Now that is true romance - the bro kind.

8. The reveal of the Kanima - "It's Jackson."
Tensions roll high as Lydia and Jackson rehash old wounds, while Derek and his pact try to eliminate Lydia, who they suspect to be the big bad Kanima. The unresolved tension brewing between the pair is cracking at the worst possible time. While everybody suspects Lydia is the one turned into supernatural lizard, they miss the bigger creature behind her - Jackson Whitmore. The cocky jock with an icy heart. Elsa has nothing on this bad boy. Who would have thought that Derek's bite would have turned him into a supernatural tool for Matt's personal gain? Beware of the Kanima. He paralyses you with his hypnotising eyes ... well more like his claws, but you get the point.

7. Peter Back From the Dead
When we witnessed the death of Peter in season one, we thought that was it. He was gone. Dusted. But we hadn't seen the last of that psychotically witty werewolf yet. He wants life, and there's nothing anyone can do to stop that. While Lydia falls deep into insanity through being mentally tortured by Peter's spirit, Stiles, Alison and Scott are consumed with nightmares by wolfsbane, leaving Derek vulnerable to attack. Derek who remains completely paralysed is left rendered speechless, as he unwillingly - with the aid of Lydia -bring back the devil from the dead. And you know where Peter is lies, there's always trouble. Deep deep trouble.

6. Allison The Warrior: May She Rest In Peace
Alison Argent - a character who has lost so much, turned into a badass warrior trying to protect the people she loves. Who would have thought at the beginning of that very first episode, she would become so iconic - so much more than your average girl next door. Her heart and soul has always been so pure, striving for the greater good. So when her best friend Lydia gets kidnapped by Void Stiles - a former shell of a friend and companion to the group - she jumps straight into action, leading to her death in the arms of her one true love. God, I can not watch this scene without balling my eyes out. Still so emotional after all this time!

 Who else misses badass Allison Argent, taking the field front and centre with her bow and arrow? May she rest in heavenly peace. I'm still not over her death. Nope. God, why Jeff? Why?!

4. The Unveiling of the Banshee 
Remember the time when Lydia was just the popular girl in school, who use to play dumb to keep Jackson's interest? At that point in time, I never thought I could ever sympathise with her - let alone even come to care for Lydia. But boy has she come a long way from then! From being mentally tortured by Peter, kidnapped by Brunski and Jennifer, Lydia has proved she is one tough cookie time and time again. When looking for Aiden, Lydia stumbles across a trap laid out for her by the one and only Jennifer aka the Darach. And after all this time, we finally learn what Lydia is. A banshee with untapped power of finding the victims of the supernatural. She is one hell of a survivor - always has been, always will be. 

5. Night School
Flashback to the early days of Teen Wolf when the show was just starting out, and everybody looked so adorably young. Night School was the true turning point in the Teen Wolf series, when things got real and indefinably dangerous - past all that cheese. No longer was this show just a cheesy pre-teen drama, but my new addiction. This episode marks the moment when Teen Wolf evolved into a supernaturally iconic story, but also was the start of the evolution of smart Lydia. Lydia has always been one of my favourite characters on the show, and I can't wait to see what else Jeff Davies has in store for her this upcoming season.

2. The Break Up

How monumental was this moment! Since we've known Scott from the very beginning, he has only had eyes for Allison - and she for him. But after losing her aunt and her mother, being exploited and manipulated by her grandfather for her grief, Alison was drained. She needed some time alone to revive and refresh. Even despite all that has happened, understanding and sympathetic Scott still believes they'll be together once again. Knowing now that this moment will never happen makes this scene all the more heartbreaking. To losing your first love ...

1. Stydia finally kiss!
When the sheriff is captured by the Darach as another human sacrifice, Stiles finds himself unable to breathe with the emotions of loss taking over his body.  Fortunately Lydia saves the day by kissing Stiles, helping him to hold his breath, which in turn stops his panic attack. Regardless of weather you ship these two together, this scene was a wonderful between friendships. A true act of friendship. Seeing Lydia calm down Stiles in his most vulnerable state of weakness was a pleasure to watch, and just showcased how these two have an undeniable bond. I'll admit it Stydia will always be end-game to me. This scene gives me the feels so bad. 

What's your favourite moments from Teen Wolf so far? What are you most excited for in Season 5?
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