024. We Were Liars

29 August 2015

'We Were Liars' -
 the book that captivated me and destroyed my fragile heart into a million pieces of the feels. A couple of months ago, I was blissfully unaware of how this deep dark mystery would keep my mind turning as I devoured each page. To say anymore would ruin this story for you, if you haven't already been mind-blown by its content.

So here's what I'll say to all you blissfully unaware people. We Were Liars  is a unique mystery that leaves you gasping for more. The anticipation and climax will leave you utterly breathless and unsure what to do with yourself. Or even how to process the events of the novel and life. Read it, I dare you. 
It is a book you won't forever for many months to come.

Seriously avoid reading any reviews or material relating to this book if you have not read We Were Liars. Going into this book blind was the best decision I ever made.

Even weeks after turning the final page, the ache in my heart is still so immense. From the very beginning, the mysterious and ambiguous nature of this book kept me hooked. I wanted to know more. Curiosity plagued every fibre of my being, and with Cadence as my guide, I attempted to figure out this puzzle alongside her account. But no theory I had, could have even come close the actual reality. Gat, Mirren and Johnny ... were gone before I knew them. The mirror shattering into a million pieces before my very eyes, as I continued to read this heart-drenched tragedy. Coming to care for these characters over the course of the entire novel without even realising - is the smartest choice ever as a writer, because the heartbreak is so much more worse. The entire time you spend guessing the mystery, the less time you pay attention to the bigger picture at hand - before it just crushes you into a billion pieces. Utter perfection.

I love the amazingly complex issues this book deals with. This is not your typical YA read. Full of meaning and depth, We Were Liars looks as a series of issues we face in our society, including:

 - Despite being American born, Gat is constantly viewed as the outsider for not fitting in the established category of a rich white male figure. To Harris Sinclair, he will always be anything but a second rate citizen - leaving him on the outskirts of this precious world. This
 subtle mention of racism is entirely powerful, because it is subtle. Racism today is no longer violent abuse but indirect and hidden behind unspoken words, which is brilliantly represented in this novel. 

Social Pressures 
- Attempting to secure their trust-funds - their means of functioning in their adult lives - the cousins' mothers used their kids to gain power over their grandfather, who sickeningly enjoyed the show. These adult social pressures affected the children so much so, causing them to act out in the most catastrophic way. Being denied their right to be children has the most negative effect on these kids, causing that 
build up anxiety exploded at the worst possible moment.

Unappreciated Until Lost - It's only when a sudden tragedy occurs, that people being to re-evaluate their lives and come to appreciate what they have. When the mothers lost their children, they began to realise the importance of their children after the unthinkable. And god it was tragic. This twist brought me to my knees in emotional despair. The lives of these kids and their untapped potential was so unreal. So heartbreaking. The damage has been done, and nothing can take it back. What's worst is it was avoidable! One of the worst emotions I've ever dealt with in fiction. The death of these kids making everything so final, and so sudden. I just can't even .... not one bit ...

The ending was emotively powerful, and as an artist I respect that. But as a fangirl, a heartbreaking ending is not what I wished for! The ending felt very abrupt - leaving me lost instead of found, and in a sudden feeling in dead.

Despite the fact I had followed all these characters on a adventurous journey, I felt like I barely knew them. Outside of their tragedies, I have no idea who they were. I wish the characters had more sustenance to them, that I could come to care for them and know them more intimately. That would have created further impact. But the story in so many ways felt de-attached, and rightly so. Gat, Mirren and Johnny are frozen in time after all - never moving forward or backward. But even so a glimpse of their nature and the essence of who they would have been icing to this story.

Overall, We Were Liars is one of the best books I've read all year. With a mystery to keep you guessing and a tragedy leaving you heartbroken, you are guaranteed to remember this book for years to come. We Were Liars is a YA classic, that will long be remembered as legendary.

So, what did you think of 'We Were Liars'?

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