Five Reasons Why Wattpad Is Awesome

21 September 2015

I have a confession to make to you, people of the internet. For the longest time, I've kept myself very far away from Wattpad. Why? Mostly because I was sceptical. For years I entertained my cravings for online fiction on sites like Tumblr,, where I didn't need to sign up for an account to exclusively access stories. So what made Wattpad so different, so special from these other sites? Why should I sign up to a website specifically just to access content? So I kept my lingering thoughts silent, and ignored the pressure of the hype surrounding this new enigma.

One night of aimless scrolling and fictional cravings, I impulsively decided to test the waters to see if there was anything worth viewing on Wattpad. I mean if I'm going to condemn a website, I might as well see what the big hype is all about. Maybe I'll even discover a few reads in the process. And once again ladies and gentlemen, the joke is on me because hilariously, Wattpad has become my latest obsession! Who would have thought? So for all you other 
sceptics out there, let me tell you why I think Wattpad is unbelievably awesome!

1. Interactive Conversation 
Unlike it's predecessors, Wattpad allows you to comment on any section of the chapters released on the site. As an author, you receive instant feedback of what your fanbase really enjoyed reading, and also what didn't work as well. Here you have constructive criticism on your doorstep, helping improve your work while you continue on. As a reader, you get to share your excitement with all the thousands of readers reading alongside you. It's interactive nature encourages conversation between fellows readers and authors alike! How incredible is that?!

2. Story Suggestions
Find yourself finished with the current story you're reading, but looking for something new? Perhaps something similar as well? Perfect, because when you reach the end of the story or even chapter, Wattpad presents you with an array of recommendations to help you find your next conquest. It saves you time having to go back to the home page, and aimlessly flick through categories on end too.

3. Library and Archives
Discovered a story you like, but not in the mood to read it right now? That's okay. You can keep it on hold and come back to it later with your own personal library. Wattpad has an incredible facility, that allows you to save the stories you read in a handy glove department, which is private from everyone. No judgement for those prying eyes at all - especially if you find yourself with a guilty pleasure. Weather it be a One Direciton, Justin Bieber fanfiction, you can totally keep them on the DL. Not that I've looked into that sort of thing or anything ... 

4. Writing Opportunities  
On Wattpad, you have the ability to publish your own content for the world to see - ranging from fanfiction to original stories. You can improve your writing by browsing through the suggestions on the interactive comment section, whilst learning from others who've managed to capture the attention of millions. You can even enter writing competitions at no extra cost, including the Watty's - a annual competition on the site - kinda like The Hunger Games for writers, but less intense ... Sorta ...

5. Fanart At It's Best
Some of the artistic covers made on the site are so awesome. They encourage all those lovely people who love experimenting with Photoshop and graphic manipulation, to take inspiration from what they read and create their own covers for their stories. There is no limitation to what artists can do with these covers. It's just so beautiful to see creativity of all forms taking place on this site.

Bonus Round: Original Stories
Contrary to popular belief, Wattpad isn't just the home to fanfiction. Wattpad plays host to so many original stories, written by aspiring authors of all ages. In this library, you are exposed to other universes, stories and original characters to fangirl over. What's great is that, Wattpad also exposes you to potential new authors, who may become published in the near future. With possibilities like this, it's worth having a browsing for potential reading material.

What are your thoughts on Wattpad folks? Hit or Miss?

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