The Women I Admire

4 October 2015

Who runs the world? Girls of course. No lie, we really do. There are some amazingly talented and awe-inspiring people in this world, who've accomplished great things and continue to work hard to achieve their ambitions in life. Earlier this year, I posted about the men who I admired for their hard work in and creative artistry, which you can read here. So it's only fair that I return that same amount of admiration to these inspiring females, who continue to take my breathe away.

These inspirational women not only conquer their select industries, but also the world benefiting so many others from their achievements too. They are the rolemodels of today, and the ones to watch for years to come. So without further ado, here are the women I admire. 

Emma Watson
From the moment Emma Watson stepped onto the scene as Hermione Granger, the entire world has been watching her every move. And yet with her famous star status, she manages to continue to defy all the conventions of what we associate with being famous. She maintained her academia and arts side by side, proving that these two signs of the coin can co-exist. Emma continuously uses her platform to be an avid spokesperson to raise awareness about the issues we face in society, including gender inequality. She's inspirational in so many ways. Handling herself with pose and care, Emma continues to thrive effortlessly, years after the curtains on the Harry Potter movie franchise have long closed.

Lauren Conrad

The original and authentic reality star, Lauren Conrad has come so far from her days on Laguna Beach and The Hills. She used her identity and her hard work ethic to turn her image into a successful brand, furthering herself through her fashion career and charitable causes. Owner of her own founded fashion line Paper Crowns, she continues to take the fashion world by storm. But Lauren hasn't had an easy journey to success by any means. Despite her recognisable social reach in pop-culture, many people in the industry completely dismissed her talent due to her fame. Fashion critics simply did not take her seriously. But despite all odds, she stood her ground and proved them wrong, letting her passion and ambitions speak for themselves. Never once did she let those critics bring her down.

Malala Yousafzai 
Since 9/11, terrorism has become the black shadow of Islam, stealing the spotlight behind a religion that celebrates peace and love. Malala is a young teenager stood her ground against these people who continue to defy the laws of the religion they so claim to follow. She has shown the world the true representation of what Islam as a religion is, by fighting for women's right to obtain education globally. Malala is one of the figures in society who redefines the representation of Muslims, and proves that Islam has no correlation with terrorism. I could not be more proud to share my faith with someone so ambitious, fighting for such a noble cause. 

Yeonmi Park
At the tender age of 21, Yeonmi Park has suffered more than any girl her age should. When Yeonmi was only 13 years old, her family fled from the depths of North Korea to find and establish a better life for themselves. Her tales of her time during North Korea and her journey to freedom are heartbreaking. Along the way, Yeonmi faced many trials and tribulations to her path to freedom, including the death of her father and the exploitation of the Chinese men she and her mother encountered. But instead of hiding in the safety of her new life in Southern Korea, Yeonmi has become an outspoken activist, determined to help those attempting to escape from dictatorship. Her bravery is commendable and awe-inspiring. She's a force to be reckon with for many years to come.

Who has inspired you?
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