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30 January 2016

Hello wonderful people from the other side, how are you all? You may have noticed over the past several weeks that I haven't posted in a while. Life has been pretty busy lately. While most people after New Year's Day were winding down to go back to the everyday post-festive routine, I was packing and planning my move all across the country for a new job. And of all cities to move to in the world, I moved to London. The ultimate destination of all freaking cities, how crazy right? It's definitely been an adjustment period that's for sure! London is like it's own little country, with it's own little system separate from the rest of England and it's been interesting so far to say the least. It's been a few weeks and I still can't believe I'm here!

London is the type of city that really needs no introduction. Its the gem of England, and probably the first city that most tourists think of when they think of Britain. You spend most of your early morning commuting with passing strangers, trying to avoid explicit eye contact. Your tube journeys are filled with bizarre moments and memories of intriguing characters and prologued delays. London is also the type of city that makes you very aware of the value of money. Seriously a tiny sandwich portion for £5, I could probably have made 3 square meals just from that! But past those elements there's something so enchanting about this little city that had an undeniable draw. Putting aside the logical notions of career prospects, there is so much to see and do. So much I even don't know where to start! Its a rich city surrounded by history and developing culture. I'm so excited to be here and can't wait to see what the next several months will bring!

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