Four Podcasts To Keep You Company On Your Commute

20 February 2017

You're waiting on the platform for your next train into work. The sky is a blended mixture of light pale blue and auburn. The bitter cold from the morning air hits your cheeks, while you're sandwiched between two strangers. As your neighbour taps his boot against the concrete, you can't help but peer over the edge of the platform searching for on-coming trains. Finally, the train arrives, but as it's the early morning rush hour, you struggle to find a seat and are left standing in the crowd. Next to you is a young teen, blasting the latest rap tune gracing the Big Top 40. The beat pulses through the airwaves on the tight-knit carriage. How can you escape the chaos around you for the next hour? How do you entertain your mind from solid boredom?

Podcasts have honestly been my personal life-saver on the morning commute. An entertaining topic and captivating voice can definitely make that incredibly long journey fly by. They can be a great way to brighten up your morning. I've fallen in love listening to engaging stories and found inspiration from the great and passionate. So today, I'm going to share a few of my favourites with you.

How Trump Brought The World Together

6 February 2017

I still remember the day 9/11 took place. As an eight-year-old, I was horrified that such an act could even occur in the name of religion; a religion that had taught me I could not even harm a spider intentionally. How could these terrorists really label themselves as Muslims when they didn't even know the meaning of the word? Fast forward to several years later, I remember the dread of hearing of another terrorist attack. Not only because so many more innocents had been injured and harmed by another act of horror, but also because of the inevitable blame that would come towards Islam; towards individuals who had no play in such horrors. I can vividly recall stories and memories of the prejudice and fear I and my fellow Muslims have faced because of these events. In all honesty, every time a terrorist attack happens, I have always feared the backlash of what may occur.

Last week that horror came to life when Trump brought chaos to the world. Our worst fears came true. By creating an order to preventing travel to and from seven Muslim nations, Donald Trump specifically attempted to alienate the population based on religion and race, with no factual evidence to back up his claims. Thousands have been affected by the travel band, including Americans themselves who not only have legal right to live in the USA, but have passed all the necessary measures to be citizens of the state. What Trump fails to truly realise is that ISIS and Islam are not unanimous. Muslims are not the problem. Just like Jews were not the problem during the Nazi Hilter reign. In fact, his so-called measures give ISIS more ammunition to recruit in underdeveloped nations, where Education is considered a luxury. I couldn't believe that I was witnessing humanity take a step back into the dark ages.

But then something beautiful and incredible happened. The entire world stood up against Trump and his ideals. Today I've seen so many people standing up injustice. I've seen the world unite to support those affected. Never have I felt more touched and accepted by the entire universe. Seeing the world unite together and defend my fellow Muslims has been one of the most touching experiences of my life. In fact - in these dark times - it gives me hope that we can get through this battle. I'm so proud of humanity. And while the fight against this injustice isn't over, I take comfort in the fact that we are united as one. Thank you humanity. You've not only restored my faith in the universe, but also made me proud to be human. Thank you to every single one of you fighting for equality. I could not be more grateful to be a citizen of this universe. And in some weird twisted way, I would have never been able to witness this without Trump and his crazy antics. Congratulations Trump, you've brought the universe together, and made us realise we all have something in common - our humanity.

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