Does the cinema experience affect the way you see a movie?

26 August 2017

Pitch black and starry bright lights, there is nothing quite like seeing a movie for the very first time plastered across the big screen, sinking into those crimson velvet chairs while you wait.
 The anticipation thickens as more and more trailers grace the high definition screen in front of your eyes. Once the showing begins, you are captivated by the universe right before you. The memory of that awkward little eye duel you had with the stranger sitting beside you fades away entirely, while you immerse yourself in this utter fictional goodness.

Movies have an incredible way of transporting you to another world, outside of your imagination with characters you come to love and care for. Once you add the cinema experience to that equation - the dimmed lights, enhanced sound quality and classic comfy red seats - it only makes everything so much extraordinary. But does this experience alter the way you would ordinarily see a film if you were watching it at home?

Sitting next to someone can subconsciously change the way you see a scene. Their reactions and comments may actually influence your own opinion. Multiple that by the subtle gasps and hiccuped laughter of a mass audience and that's a whole other story. Friends often have a way of changing your perception on something you may not have thought otherwise. If the sound is amplified, maybe you're able to hear something that you wouldn't have even noticed in the comfort of your own home. Do the enhanced visuals and sound effects also take away from the actual core storyline and dialogue? If the enhanced viewing experience wasn't present, would you have the same opinion?

So does watching a movie in the cinema alter the way you see it? In my opinion, yes. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing. If you enjoyed your experience watching it, then the movie was a success. Critic ratings and other people's opinions do not make a good movie. A good movie is an experience you have lived through where you were able to escape into the universe of another character and enjoy their world for two hours. It's when you had a great time with friends, giggling over unbelievable acting and cheesy one-liners. Not everything you watch has to be a perfect masterpiece, just an enjoyable memory to look back on.

So what do you think? Tell me more in the comments below!

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