001. Heroes

14 October 2013

                                                                  (This review is completely spoiler free)

Heroes:Volume One tells the story of ordinary individuals scattered throughout the world, who discover they have superpower like abilities, which affect their lives in numerous amounts of ways. While these individuals come to terms with their new found abilities, there is a greater force at strength, which may threaten the existence of the world as we know it.

I've been meaning to watch Heroes for years. 
I remember when I was growing up in high school, everyone was obsessed with the show. And ever since that point I decided somewhere down the line I will find out why, and now ... after all this time, I have finally gotten around to it. And I can easily say ... it does not disappoint.

'Heroes' is a well crafted, well written roller-coaster ride involving action, twists and turns, mystery, and three dimensional characters, 
which make this show incredibly entertaining and thrilling to watch. I highly recommend it. Never in my lifetime of watching television dramas, - and I assure you, my resume is pretty lengthy, - have a seen such a remarkable television show. Every single moment of this show, every single detail, ties into the bigger picture. You will be in for the time of your week. And I say this, because you will devour this series. The suspense lingering after every single episode is honestly a killer. A flawless well worthy season. I've never seen any television show craft such a perfect intricate first season. To say I'm impressed is an understatement! 

* * *
There was a reason why this show was so talked about back in the day. Season One is incredibly well set up. The amount of thought that went into this show is completely evident from the very beginning, especially the way all the sub-plots and the intricate details of events connect together, and play a role into the main storyline. The show is able to explore things on a personal level with each character and yet, maintain the bigger picture of this universe. It has been carefully crafted, and brilliantly executed. Throughout the series, we witness the range of characters who come from seemingly different backgrounds, facing their own struggles in this universe, and yet somehow with all this chaos occurring, there is this one underlining plot line that links every single character together ....

"Save the cheerleader, save the world."

Having almost a dozen characters to introduce as main characters into one series, especially the opening first season, is incredibly hard to do. Not many television shows even attempt it. Not to even mention how disastrous it could have been if it had gone terribly wrong. But ... they executed it magnificently. Each character had a certain amount of time allocated to explored their stories, and although it may be considered short ... I think for the time allocated they did a very good job of putting it all together. The character development in this series was amazing. Never once even did I feel like I didn't get enough screen time of each character. Each character has a distinct trademark. Hiro, the enthusiastic game changer, Ando, his trustie sidekick, Peter, the empathic carer, Claire, the strong willed teen yearning with curiosity. The acting is brilliant, which made their powers seem unbelievably real aside for the special effects. I have to say - well done to the creators, the writers, the producers and the actors. Every single person definitely played their role very well, and made the Heroes universe believable - especially considering the range of ages involved in this world, children, teenagers and adults. 

This show has so much diversity as well, which I loved! Not just in the amount of themes rolling around relationships, self discovery, family, adoption  love, and heroic nature but also the diversity in ethnicity as well! When would you ever be able to see a Japanese dialogue occurring with subtitles predominately in an American television drama? How likely is it to see the Indian culture or India itself prop up in an American television series? (Although ... I must say things are changing in that respect). I loved that the show wasn't just based in America. That really added to the authenticity of the show, which impressed me to no end!

As you can tell, I loved Heroes: Volume One. But I want to know, what did you think of this first series? Have you watched any more of the other seasons? Anything I should be warned about ... Let me know! I'd love to know what you think. (:

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