Ebook Finds: New Year, New Reads

28 January 2018

Another year, another book to devour! Battling through the January blues is always such a struggle, but we are nearly there. Attempting to get out of bed in the morning without the sweet promise of holiday cheer and the short hours of daylight is such a struggle. Let's face it, new year's resolutions are about to be broken (if they haven't already), and the countdown to breaking dry-Jan and diet plans is on. With dark winds and cold nights, there is nothing more than curling up to a book by the fire and snuggling away all the crispy crappiness than the post-winter season brings.

Anyway enough chit-chat, feast your eyes on these epic reads and enjoy!

2017: A Year In Song

29 December 2017

2017 was the year of chaos, childhood reboots and the domination of K-Pop boybands! It's no secret that we all faced incredible hardships this year, but let's not forget the breathtaking moments we witnessed this year that really restored faith in humanity. As we say goodbye to another year, let's celebrate the awesomeness we've shared through the power of the voice and song.

eBook Finds: Spectacular Offers for November On Now!

2 November 2017

Reading is the most inexpensive form of travel and entertainment known to man. It's a fact without a doubt. I love to read and I know there are so many who feel the same. But when you're as addicted to books as they come, book buying can literally burn a hole in your paycheck if you aren't careful. That's honestly why I've come to love eBooks so much. Not only do you get incredible book deals, but they are also so easy to carry around. There's just not added worry of denting or destroying pristine book covers and clean-cut pages while you're manoeuvring on public transport.

Since I'm an avid bargain hunter, I've decided that I'll be posting my monthly finds at the beginning of the month for you to enjoy. Now check out these awesome finds and enjoy to your heart's content fellow book nerds!

Why I've Distanced Myself From Social Media

25 September 2017

I absolutely love the internet. It's inspired me to embrace creativity, express myself and even pursue my dreams. Since I started blogging at the age of 14, so many things have changed. Before there was a pure focus on content solely. Whereas now, as a blogger or even a millennial, there's an expectation to be active on the socials and really showcase your personality and lifestyle. It's a beautiful thing being able to connect with so many, but how truly connected are we?

Surviving East High

16 September 2017

In celebration of the anniversary of High School Musical, here is a little tribute to the story that made our childhoods epic!

Oh you look like you're new here. Let me fill you in on the details ... I was once the new kid on the block, and trust me when I say this, you're lucky to have me on your side kiddo. You see East High isn't like other schools. Now you may be thinking I'm crazy here, but seriously, this school is run on a tight-ship. We have a status quo, one that can not be messed with. Unless you want to deal with queen-bee Sharpay Evans that is. She may look innocent from far, but she's as feisty and fierce as you come. 

Follow these golden rules and your time at East High shall be a breeze!

Does the cinema experience affect the way you see a movie?

26 August 2017

Pitch black and starry bright lights, there is nothing quite like seeing a movie for the very first time plastered across the big screen, sinking into those crimson velvet chairs while you wait.
 The anticipation thickens as more and more trailers grace the high definition screen in front of your eyes. Once the showing begins, you are captivated by the universe right before you. The memory of that awkward little eye duel you had with the stranger sitting beside you fades away entirely, while you immerse yourself in this utter fictional goodness.

24 Amazing ebooks Deals on Right Now!

12 August 2017

Accurate as of August 2017
There is truly nothing that compares to reading a physical copy of a novel in your hands. Gripping each page with such intensity as you try to uncover the mysteries hidden beneath, but yet also trying very very hard to persevere each page with such tender loving care. The struggles of a bookworm I tell you ...

Before I bought my Amazon Fire tablet last year, I couldn't stand the idea of ebooks. It just didn't feel quite the same ... And while physical books are irreplaceable, there is something amazing about being able to read on the go with ease and also buy so many books without breaking the bank! I am a sucker for checking out deals on Amazon, and can not stand to keep these to myself any longer. So without further ado, here are 24 books currently on offer right now. Enjoy to your heart's content fellow book nerds!

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