Perspective: Turning 21

29 November 2013

So today, for once, I'm going to talk about something a little bit different outside the world of media entertainment and creativity.  There was a time in my life during my years at school when I thought, 'by the end of my university years, I will know exactly what to do with my life. I will have almost everything figured out, and it'll have all come together by the time I approach adulthood.' Now, almost several years later, I'm in my third and final year of university and ... I'm still trying to figure it all out. The amount of days I have left towards post-graduation life is continuously growing smaller and smaller, and turning 21 ... is just another one of those milestones that just signifies adulthood.

Those questions that I've always wondered about; what I want to accomplish in my life, who I want to be, my intended plans for after graduation, are kind of haunting me at this very moment in time.  But here is the simple truth - no one on the entire planet has the exact answer to all of these questions. Even if they do, the answers they have aren't set in stone. You never really know where life can take you. It's pretty unpredictable. What I failed to realise back then is that, having a plan isn't always the best thing. You never know what's around the corner, and having a plan or your eyes focused on one section of the road can stop you from seeing other things come your way. For some people, things come early on in life. For others, it comes at the most unexpected moments. It's just the way it is - serendipitous. But that is the beauty of it all. You never know what will happen and when it will happen. Your age does not define you, or the time you will reach success. Age is literally just a number, it is you who gives it meaning.  To assume that you will have all the answers by a certain age, is to assume that by that particular point you will understand exactly how the universe works - and no one has managed to do that. It's okay not to know where you're going, time and experiences will help lead you there.

So, as I turn 21 this week ... I vow to focus on the now. I vow to focus on present, instead of living in a future, which I'm helping to shape by living in the present. Tomorrow bring what may, today is all I know. And for that I'm happy, because the future is full of bright opportunities and chances that I have yet to come across, memories that I have yet to make, and experiences I have yet to live. Just thinking about the possibility of that is so exciting. To be open to new experiences, because you never know where you're going, and who or what you may find along the way. Striving for the best forever and always!

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