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12 February 2015

So it's that time of year again, where love is in the air. Now, let's face the facts. Most of the movies you've probably ended up watching on Valentines Day probably consist of The Notebook, Titanic or Love Actually. The most typical and most overplayed movies ever in the history of romance. So this year, why not venture out and see what the rest of cinema has to offer. What have you got to lose?

Bokura Ita Ga
Spilt into two movies, Bokura Ita Ga tells the romance story between Motoharu and Nanami from high school into their adult years, as life takes them by storm.

Bokura Ita Ga is an endearing and wonderful story set in a culture that I find so intriguing. It's not your average story, with drama running left right and centre to keep this pair apart. But if this movie does anything, it shows that true love can really stand the test of time and all of it's obstacles - including oneself. 

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

On her eighth birthday, Anjali opens a letter from her deceased mother detailing the events that took place in the college years of her mother, her father, and his best friend - Anjali. In the letter Tina urges her only daughter, to reunite her father Rahul and Anjali together after all this time. 

This synopsis can not and will not be able to capture the amazingness and complexity of this story. I have watched this movie over a million times in my lifetime and it never ever gets old. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is a classic romance that will have you laugh, crying and wishing there was so much more to come!

Kal Ho Na Ho 
Set in New York, Kal Ho Na Ho tells the story of Naina - a headstrong woman, whose neighbour Aman teaches her about the meaning of life, love and enjoying the moment.

If you thought that The Notebook was emotional, oh you've got another thing coming for you. Tissues at the ready folks, tissues at the ready. Kal Ho Na Ho is a touching emotional story that will leave you laughing pretty hard, and also in a sob-fest. Definitely not for the faint hearted, but worth a watch. 

Spirited Away
After her parents stumble into an deserted ancient fair ground, Chihiro finds herself stuck in a supernatural world. In order to return home with her parents, Chihiro must work of Yubaba - a witch who owns the bathhouse - with the help of a few friends. 

Captivating from the moment you hit play, Spirited Away will leave you breathless and entranced. Enchanted is the only word for this movie as it is - from it's epic scenery to its animated characters. It's another universe, that intrigues and draws you in.

Whispers of the Heart
This endearing tale tells the story of a girl who loves to read, and her developing friendship with a boy, who makes violins in his spare time.

Never in my life have I seen a story so true to young romance as this. Whispers Of The Hearts explores what's like to be young and in love for the first time, told from an authentic and raw perspective. It's a warming tale that'll have you gushing till the very end. Seriously so adorable.

What will you be watching this Valentines' Day?

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