Robert Quinn is Not The Bad Guy

28 March 2015

Robert Quinn - the father to Sophia Quinn and Callie Jacob. If you've been watching The Fosters recently, then you know exactly who I'm talking about. You'll also know about the custody war that has dominated this past season between the Fosters and the Quinns. In all honestly, I'm really disappointed with the way the producers have represented Robert Quinn's storyline in Season Two, and here's why.

Let's rewind to the moment we met Robert. Towards the end of Season One, we find out that Robert Quinn is in fact Callie's biological father. A guy she's never heard of, and Robert - who in turn also - has never heard of her either. Come season two, we get to know Robert Quinn - the biological dad with a family of his own, and it's such an interesting dynamic. He is longing for some kind of relationship with Callie - a chance to get to know his first daughter. He interacts with the important people in her life including her half brother Jude, and The Fosters' who've become Callie's family - all in the hopes of being part of her life. During that time, Callie slowly feels some kind of pull towards her father and begins to accept him. And then bam - as soon as Sophia rips up Callie's chance of becoming adopted by the Fosters, everything begins to fall to pieces. Callie becomes angry at Robert for not giving her what she wants - her chance to be adopted - , and her frustrations manifest into hatred against the Quinns. It's in that second that the whole show almost feels like a war between the Fosters and Quinns, and the ultimate prize is Callie. 

Instead of truly exploring these relationship dynamics between the two, this show has literally just turned around and pinning Robert as the bad guy. The obstacle who is ruining the chance of happiness and harmony for Callie and The Fosters, and I'm so tired of it. I'm tired of the producers labelling him as the so called 'enemy' in this scenario. This situation is much more complex than that, and it deserves to be told that way. He is Callie's biological father. He had no idea about her existence, and he missed so many moments in her life - not by choice either. What's so wrong with Robert Quinn trying to know his own daughter now? She is by blood - and in spirit. Is that wrong of him to want her to be apart of his world?

I hate the fact that it had to be a fight between the Fosters and Quinns. They could have even had joint custody for heavens sake! Why couldn't both families live in harmony? Why couldn't Callie get to know her father, and still be part of the Fosters lives? It did not have to be either or, or even black and white. No situation in life is truly black and white. I honestly found the idea of Callie being torn between both families more interesting, than Robert trying to pull her away from The Fosters. Wouldn't you be at all curious if your biological father wanted you to be apart of your life? Wouldn't you want to know about him, especially if he paid such an interest in getting to know you? In my opinion, this show has pretty much destroyed the potential of what this storyline could have become. I would have loved to get to know more about the Quinn family. There were so many directions that plot could have gone, and I would have loved to see that. But I guess we never will. 

Side Note: Oh for the record ABC Family - I still don't understand why you labelled Robert as a 'cheater', how the hell did that storyline do anything for the show? It was so obviously a subtle plotline added in for convince to throw Robert under the bus if need be when the time came. And - 
throwing in the content of that last episode, doesn't change a whole seasons worth of drama, either! I guess I'll never agree with ABC Family's decisions in shows. Between cancelling The Lying Game, prolonging the mystery of A in Pretty Little Liars, can you truly blame me?

What do you think of Robert Quinn? How do you feel on the matter? Let's discuss!

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