The Highlights of The 100 Season 2B

12 March 2015

After the tragedy we faced in season 2A, The 100 came back biting stronger than ever. This season was definitely much more darker and intense than the previous two, knocking them straight out the park. It's crazy how much this show continues to evolve. Season One was child's play compared to all this drama. There were so many moments that really stood out this season on The 100. Here are a favourite few. 

Note: This post contains spoilers, so if you are not currently up-to-date with The 100 - come back later and check it out.

Captain Jasper
From the very beginning, Jasper has always been the typical boy next door. The nice guy who is a complete dork. But being trapped on Mount Weather changed him. Without Clarke, Bellamy and Finn to take front and centre, he stood up as a leader. Guiding the remaining members of The 100 through all their psychologically disturbing struggles! Devon Bostick got his moment to shine, and it was glorious! Though I wonder how traumatised Jasper will be, since he has this odd dark gleam in his eyes that seem to follow him everywhere he goes.
Mentoring Clarke
Since the truce between the grounders and the survivors of the ark, Lexa has been guiding Clarke to become a leader - teaching her to survive on the ground, make tough choices and do what it is necessary to survive. Through this process, it's almost like we're seeing Clarke evolve into something else. I don't even think Finn would recognise her now. Or even Wells. Dear lord, the emotions are real.

Lexa: The Commander
Her compassion and cunning makes Lexa the ultimate leader. Rough around the edges, yet with a glimmer of humanity glazing her eyes. Lexa is the ultimate proof that a leader doesn't need to be entirely ruthless to get under your skin. She found her way into Clarke's good books, only to stab her in the chest when Clarke needed the most support. And we thought Anya was so cut-throat ruthless.

Politics on Mount Weather
As sickening as I find the Mountain Men - and god I really do - the politics behind them is rather intriguing. Between Wallace getting 'demoted', and the psychotic Cage raising to power, life is anything but boring on Mount Weather. Cage is just the most twisted being on the planet, who would do anything to get above the ground - including using people as lab rats! Urgh. Doesn't Cage just remind you of Count Dracula? Pale face, crazy eyes. The need for blood - bone marrow blood.
Octavia: The Warrior
Seeing Octavia's journey as she was hand-picked by Indra to become her second was a pleasure to watch! She became a grounder by nature, and embraced their ways. What's crazy is, it actually made sense. She was rejected for her birth - her very existence on the ark, so then she found true refuge on the ground. It was nice seeing her finally find her place somewhere. And although it didn't last for long, I loved her transition. Despite everything, I still believe that Octavia could become the ultimate link between the ark and the grounders - after a whole lot of drama! 

So, what were your favourite moments from The 100 this past season?

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