What needs to happen in Finding Carter Season 2

26 March 2015

Finder Carter is finally back after several months of being of the air, and there's just so much that we need to know! After leaving the show on an incredibly suspenseful cliffhanger, I'm pretty sure we'll be jumping straight back into action. I just can't wait! So without further ado, here are four things that need to happen this season on Finding Carter.

1. David and Lori meeting face to face
There is one question raging in my mind from last season. And that is how the hell did David know Lori Stevens? If the pair meet up face to face somehow, then maybe we'll find out once and for all what happened between the two of them. Did they have an affair? Is Carter their secret love child? Or is Lori a stalker with a personal vendetta? Oh so many options! 

2. Lori and Carter: A heart to heart 
What did Lori mean when she said that Carter's biological family was not what they seemed? Maybe they had something to do with why Carter got kidnapped. I refuse to believe that incident was a coincidence. Nope. If I've learnt anything watching television, is coincidence is just too rare.

4. Bird confronting her attacker
Since Bird confessed to Carter that she was attacked (or possibly raped/molested), - I get the feeling that we'll be seeing her attacker very soon. Something tells this this relates to her parents. Maybe it's someone her parents trusted and would value over her word to his, which is why she's been so hush on the matter. Either way, I want her to confront him, and finally gain control of her life by facing this hurdle. I can just imagine how badass that scene will be, when she conquers her demons. 

5. Max and Taylor getting back together
I may not be a complete fan of these two, but it's obvious that they need to be together right now. Wyatt needs someone to watch out of him in his current state, just as much as Taylor needs support in her life with Carter's disappearance. The two of them can support each other through their hardships, and make it to the other side. They might even be able to find Carter, since Wyatt knows her so well too!

What are you most excited to see from Finding Carter?

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