10 Years of YouTube

7 May 2015

YouTube turns 10! Oh gosh, how crazy is that?! What's mad is that this little site has only been around for ten years and yet it has taken the world by storm. From the Beauty tutorials we always wanted, to the hilarious challenges we didn't know we wanted - YouTube has been the best source of entertainment, comfort and solace. So to celebrate this joyous occasion, here are ten of my favourite YouTubers so far in this journey.

From their insightful perspectives to their hilarious random ones, Hank and John Green are the ultimate duo of YouTube. They are the founding fathers who govern over everything politcial and hysterical too. Dedicated to making the world suck less, these boys have accomplished so much on their time on YouTube - from creating an award winning projects Lizzie Bennett Diaries, The Fault In Our Stars - to recruiting members for their world domination - nerdfighteria. I will not forget to be awesome.

Ted Talks
Not your average YouTube channel, but one nonetheless. Intimately introduced by YouTube, Ted Talks is one of the most educational endearing accounts I follow, which exposes you to a variety of content. Their talks continue to expand the knowledge and minds of over 3 million people worldwide. The potential is vast, and their content is always so richly fulfilling.

Blimey Cow
Made up of Jordan, Josh and Keli Taylor, Blimey Cow is the epitome of sarcastic, hilarious and insightful entertainment on YouTube. Each video they create holds a meaningful message, or something that can add value to your day. They never fail to make me laugh! 

Wong Fu Productions
Ted, Wes and Phil are the ultimate collaborative YouTube group, dedicated to creative story-telling. From comedic to expressively insightful shorts, Wong Fu time and time again create films that help engage and entertain. They're hardwork has finally paid off as they are set to release their first feature film in the next coming month. Wong Fu for life!

Jubilee Project
Like Wong Fu, 
Jubilee project is a video production channel, producing short films for the internet, with the aim to make the world a better place. I love how they give people a voice who may not have one otherwise, and tell stories of those who are often ignored by mass media. I choose Jubilee project, because doing good is contagious!

Ariel Bisset
Representing the lovely BookTube community, we have Ariel Biseet - a wonderful delight. I've watched Ariel talk through her obsession of George Orwell and her passion for books and reading. She is energetically contagious, will help you fall in love with stories all over again. I can't wait to see what the future brings for her as her channel continues to expand!

Better known as the sister you never knew you had, Weylie is one of the most down to earth beauty guru's on the YouTube universe. Unafraid to discuss any topic and ready to share her life secrets with you at any given moment. Although she's more known for her beauty tutorials, I love her lifestyle discussion videos. She has such an infectious personality and a quirky sense of humour, that you can't help but laugh along with her!

Stumbling across her videos last year, I fell in love. Laur is one of the most creative YouTuber's out there, posting DIY videos weekly and cultivating inspiration. Whenever I need some inspiring, she is definitely the person to go to. With her loveable quirks and chippy sense of humour, she is so one of a kind!


To me, Bubz is the first YouTuber I began watching all those many years ago. She has blessed us with so many funky hair tutorials, make-up looks and even some amazing nail tutorials. But in those years, she's grown up into a business women, a wife and a mother to her beautiful son Isaac. Inspirational and humble, she continues to remain loyal to her followers after all these years.

Kurt Hugo Schneider
The amazingly talented singers turned producer and film-maker, who has created so many addictive covers I can not stop listening to - or watching. His filming skills is incredible! Kurt Schneider has helped to introduce me to so many different YouTube artists over the past several years from Against the Current, Alex Goot, Max Schneider etc. One of my favourite videos by him is the original song by his buddie, Sam Tusi - 'Make It Up'. 

Whose your favourite YouTuber to grace the internet?

Image Source 1 & YouTube/Edited by Creative in Arts

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