How To Keep In Touch With Friends

2 May 2015

As you go through life - experiencing new adventures and changes - you'll find it can be pretty difficult to keep in touch with old friends. Especially those who you no longer see almost everyday, who may even live in a different city to you. As Randolph Bourne once said, 'Friendships are fragile things, and require as much handling as any other fragile and precious thing.'

Friendships need to be nurtured, maintained especially over time - when distance is at play. They should be appreciated - not only on your dark days but happy ones too. It's important not to take them for granted, because time and lack of absolute contact can lead to their down fall.
Over the years, I've picked up tips and ideas of how to keep friendships fresh and constant. So here are a few ways to help keep your friendship strong over the years ...

1) Pick up the phone and Call
Call your buddy up every once in a while. Try to establish some form of regular contact, asking them how they are, what they've been up to. Or even how they found last night's episode of their favourite show. By showing your genuine interest in their lives, you're maintaining the friendship you already have and developing it too. Conversations like these that occur over time will almost feel as if you are seeing them face to face. So when you do meet, it will feel like no time has passed at all.

Whilst I was in university, me and my best friend would often call each other early in the morning on our way to our Wednesday morning classes. Though I was thoroughly out of breathe by the time I got to class, I was grateful for the virtual company! Plus when I met up with her in the summer, it didn't feel like I hadn't seen her in over a year either!

2) Arrange a future meet-up
Organise a plan to meet up so you have something to look forward to but also so you can bond with your buddy in person. As much as I love technology and communicating with people though it, virtual constant can not truly replace face to face contact. There's something wonderful about seeing friends in the flesh that the internet just can not replace. No, not even you Skype.

3) Message 
One of the things I love doing with my friends is sending them messages of things that remind me of conversations we've had, or of even of them. Something so small like that can start a conversation, which helps pass the time for when you'll see your buddy next. Just taking that little time of your day and busy schedule can make a huge difference and show you're thinking about them after all this time. It's endearing, and pretty flattering too!

4) Sending surprise post mail 
It's so unexpected receiving letters and presents from people, and just damn right adorable. Especially when it's post - sent through the country- it just becomes so much more personal. Anyone can send an email at the click of the button, but to take the time to write a handwritten letter or pick up a gift, and then going to the post office to send it to personally to you shows just how much you care. It's thoughtful and very touching and sending getting a stamp and sending through the post box is just so adorable.

If you still aren't hearing much from your buddy, give it time. Maybe they're busy with life right now, and need a bit of space adjusting to their new schedule. 
They'll come back in their own time. Carry on experiencing new adventures, meeting new people and exploring your environment. Life is an experience worth having - alongside companions but also with your beautiful inner self.

Note: Also just for reference sake - friendships are a two way street. You can't have one without the effort of both sides. It takes two to tango.  

So, what are your tips for keeping in touch?
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