Trailer Talk: The Scorch Trials

23 May 2015

After finally escaping the maze, the gladers find themselves face to face with creators who put them there, and deep within The Scorch Trials - which may be the toughest obstacle they've faced in their journey so far.

When I first saw the trailer to The Scorch Trials, I wasn't really sure how I felt about the complete detour the producers had taken from the book - to be excited at the possibilities of this change or horrified that this adaptation is straying so far from its original path with no true return. But after getting over the initial shock, I feel so excited!

As you may recall from my book review of The Scorch Trials, that I had really enjoyed the book, but had found that at certain intervals James Dashner has truly dragged out the story line. This caused that ever so gripping mystery to turn stale until it's climax. These changes in the story may help prevent that from happening, and it can help to create a more well rounded story that can stand on it's on as well! So much potential, so much further development from the books. Can September come any sooner please?

The intensity of this trailer and it's mystery is exactly like it's book counterpart - utterly thrilling and captivating. Like the novel, The Scorch Trials seems to give a small glimpse into the inner workings of WICKED by placing the gladers straight into their lair, and allowing them to discover the true nature of the cause. All of this of course leading to their big break out into the Scorch - where the true actions begins! I believe this big change in the storyline is something that is going to work well for the movie. It's going to leave audiences less confused and puzzled, and wanting more. Mystery doesn't do well on it's own. You need to keep audiences guessing while giving them subtle clues along the way and this, just does that well.

From seeing the evolution of the grievers to possible human experimentation, I like how the gladers are introduced the inner workings of WICKED and their people. I don't even recall this fact being in the book so early, which is what makes this so awesome. The constant doubt within Thomas's mind about their saviours, the gladers from other mazes piled into one room, and the fight for survival against the elements of the Scorch - this movie has all the essentially gripping pieces of the book highlighted in one trailer. I can only hope that this is only half the picture, and that there is so much more to come!

Something that's also really exciting within this trailer is seeing the hints of the trials and troubles of the Scorch, to characters who are going to make this unforgettable and break the typical YA clichĂ©. The best parts of the book basically! For those who have read the books - you know exactly whom and what I'm referring too, and I'm sure you share that same level of excitement with me! So many possibilities, so much drama that I can't wait to see!

By merging aspects of the final book together and The Scorch Trials, I can't help but wonder what is The Death Cure - the final movie - going to truly be about? These changes in the storyline could either be one of the smartest moves made, or the biggest mistake seen in YA adaptations in the past several years. I really hope there is still more room for explanation in the final installment of the series, and that not all of the cards are displayed on the table so soon.

Not once in this trailer does it mention the flare - the reason behind everything. Although I'm glad that was done to provide more suspense for audiences, I really hope that this is mentioned within the movie and developed upon at least on the surface level. If not, this story is going to have problems truly developing the world surrounding the maze.

The Scorch Trials has the potential to expand on the story - providing an inside look into WICKED and the trials, but also the characters themselves as they battle their way to survival. So far looking ever so promising, but we will know for sure when we see more footage released.

So what are your thoughts on The Scorch Trials? Let's Discuss!

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