TV Shows: Cancelled before their time

28 May 2015

Television is one the most visually engaging platforms there is. Why? Because you watch these fictional characters grow on screen through their struggles and heartaches you come to care for them. You emotionally invest in their stories and their surroundings in the comfort of your own home. You become so deeply attached and see them evolve into the person they are today. So when a particular television networks decide it's time to 'let them go', you find yourself frustrated and angry for not being able to see their story through, for not been given some kind of true conclusion to their adventures.

Sound familiar? I'm sure every single person has that one television show that they loved so dearly, cancelled way before it's time, before it reached it's climax. Over the past several years, I have found a few of my favourite TV shows ripped away from their prime glory by television executives. Here are a few of them ...

The original 90s show that made me fall in love with supernatural/sci-fi stories. Roswell was a show way beyond it's years, that dealt with alienation, romance and complexity. It was mature on so many levels, dealing with politics between inter-species and humans and also the complexity of teenage relationships. Thoroughly enjoyable and engaging.

Although this show lucky managed to find some form of conclusion, the storyline still felt very unresolved. There was so much left to explore - like how the government already knew of the existence of aliens and wanted to use them as experiments for weapons. The whole idea of the group being on the run felt like a very nice way to tidy up the show - leaving fans with some kind of bittersweet ending, but also abandoning ideas for future episodes that were ready to take form. Plus, I was so gutted not to see Kyle and Isabel finally get together! You know, it was bound to happen at some point with how close they'd become.

The Secret Circle

Cancelled just before the final episode had aired - how utterly heartbreaking. After finally finding its footing, The Secret Circle enchanted my heart. Between the fight for survival against witch hunters and unresolved issues with family members, this show held so many layers to be explored. And what's worse is I know we were barely at the surface.

The season finale cliffhanger was absolutely breathtaking, leaving so much room for exploration and juicy details that will never come. Gosh, I just have so many questions left! I wanted to know more about the Balcoin children. Can you just image how Cassie would react to her long lost brother's and sisters? How would Adam deal with his dark side? Would he become the next villain? Would Cassie and Adam be together? What would Faye's next explosive move be - and how would Jake react to it? So many questions, but I guess I'll never know ...

The Lying Game

Confession - I loved this show more than Pretty Little Liars, because it actually provided true mystery with answers to its questions. It did not make me wait countless seasons for a cliffhanger which would led nowhere. This show was going in an amazing direction. It held the charm of romance, gossip and unbelievably shocking scandals with mystery of murder and deceit. It was thoroughly entertaining, with well rounded suspense and excitement.

Which is why when ABC Family decided to cancel the show, purely to make room for Twisted - a show that got cancelled weeks after airing - and The Fosters (which I can't fault), they become one of the names on my not-to-be-trusted list.  Really ABC Family? You couldn't have given this show a final season to conclude all its secrets?! Seriously, who killed Alec? Was he even dead? When would everyone find out about Thayer? I wanted to know Laurel's mother's reaction to Emma's identity. Oh how heartbreaking!

The Tomorrow People

It was political realistic, secretive and down right amazing. Between discovering his abilities, working for a secret organisation - sent to kill and destroy others like him - attempting to live his life, Steven come a very long way from the first episode. There was this dark tone to the show that was so intriguing, and very dystopia like. This society was very relate-able, and was grounded in realistic fantasy which I love!

After destroying the organisation that condemned them, and the founder who sort to destroy the world, The Tomorrow People was set up to live in an entirely different universe. One where breakouts didn't have to hide away, where they could co-exist with humans. Can you imagine the chaos and beauty of that world? What also would have been awesome is seeing how the crew would react to brainwashed John controlled by Jedikiah
 - and the havoc they caused in their path of madness! It's so unfortunate this show didn't get it's chance to develop it's new world setting outside of Ultra - how epic that would have been!

Life Unexpected 

Ground breaking show with an original plot line reflecting on both teen and adult problems? Well isn't that just rare. When attempting to file for enmicpation from foster care, 15 year old Lux finds herself in an interesting position when the judge rules for her to be put into the care of her birth parents (Cate and Baze). Life Unexpected is a story with heart and passion, providing an interesting look into the lives of radio presenter Cate Kassidy with her finance and co-host Ryan, bartender Baze and their daughter Lux.

Even though we did get our lucky conclusion, I would have loved to have seen how these characters developed over time gradually. The final season of Life Unexpected felt like a mashup of quick and fast paced storylines with the aim of concluding the show. It was the complete opposite of organic and authentic material - which was a far cry from it's first season.

So tell me, what show do you wish hadn't been cancelled?
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