23 Signs You're Adulting

8 June 2015

// the transition from teenhood into young adulthood. It's an interesting period of time, where you find yourself slowly maturing into the new and established version of your parents in millennial form. Something you swore you would never do! It's inevitable, but it's also amazingly refreshing. This is the time where you're truly finding who you are, and who you want to be. It's miserable and magical at the same time, but that's part of it's charm. How many of these factors can you relate to?

1. You begin to notice the difference between prices at the range of stores you go to when grocery shopping, and begin price comparing where ever you go.

2. You can't resist a good bargain find or a sale item. Money is not as expendable as you once viewed it to be. 

3. Laundry day is the best because your clothes smell so lovely and fresh, and there is nothing quiet like having fresh sheets.

4. That satisfying feeling of having a completely clean room, and made bed. It's an achievement to stand by for the rest of the day - before it turns into another mess tomorrow. You are only human afterall!

5. Long showers and candles are the sweetest form of heaven in one bottled up scent.

6. You've started looking at ways to decorate your current/future apartment - from bookmarking décor to selecting colour schemes.

7. You are starting to become comfortable in your own company and enjoy your 'me' time much more than you use to.

8. Find yourself slowly growing out knowing everything to do with pop-culture - what the latest fashion trends are, who the Kardashians are dating or whose the next victim of Kanye's promotional Beyonce campaign.

9. Self help helps and personal articles are no longer things you look at with insulting horror, but interest and curiosity. 

10. Non-fiction subjects and novels are more appealing than they once use to be.

11. You look at the young generation with such nostalgia, and start to mentally use the phrase, "Back when I was your age ...."

12. Some of the words of wisdom your parents mentioned to you when you were younger - the words you laughed at and ignored - are now begin to make so much more sense as you see life unfold before your eyes.

13. Your taste in music begins to evolve from what's on the pop charts - to whatever you find aesthetically pleasing, enjoyable or maybe nothing.

14. You begin to appreciate the smaller things in life, and find the small things to be much more pleasurable than the bigger events.

15. Time with your friends and loved ones has become much more precious as your time together has become limited.

16. You find yourself drifting away from friends you once had as you begin to walk down different paths in life.

17. You realise that you will understand everything and nothing at the same time, and maybe that's okay.

18. You'll start to understand your priorities in life, and begin to analyse the way you are living your life. Some people who saw you thought teenhood may not be part of your adulthood life.

19. You have come to appreciate home cooking, and that fast food take aways can't fill that void you're stomach craves.

20. You have a sudden thirst for travel, to experience and understand different types of cultures and become exposed the wider world around you - which go beyond the usual vacation resorts you may have visited as a child.

21. You are being to accept and listen to opinions of others that you don't quite agree with, but still remain amicable with one another - conversing on good terms with one other.

22. Understanding that there is a difference between formal education and knowledge. Educating yourself outside of school is a powerful thing - something you may even be considering in future.

23. You understand that the only thing that you can depend on - or is sure for certain - is change. Everything in life is temporal. Our hardships, our good times. Change happens for so many reasons, it'll make you realise so much about yourself, the people around you and the world itself. Embrace it like a friend, and you'll find you'll be much more happier.

What are your signs of adulting?

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