Songs Guaranteed To Be Heard on Television

27 July 2015

During my dedicated hours of television watching throughout my life, I couldn't help but notice that there are a number of songs that I would hear pretty often. Songs that are just so universally aesthetic, they can be applied to a number of situations, providing different meaning every single time. Maybe it's the fact they are pretty versatile - that they can relate and even be extracted to fit certain sequences. Through using particular parts of the song, or highlighting particular lyrics by the increasing the volume on certain aspects.

I've found these eight songs on more than one television show I've watched at least, and so here they are in their fine glory.

Can't go back now - The Weepies
Life Unexpected, Qwerty, Adam

The World Spins Madly On - the Weepies 
Life Unexpected, Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill

How to save a life - The Fray
Grey's Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, Scrubs

Goodbye to you - Michelle Branch
The Hills, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Charmed

The Middle - Jimmy Eat World 
Roswell, Smallville

Good Life - One Republic
90210, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl 

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
The 100, Vampire Diaries

Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival  
Teen Wolf, Gilmore Girls, Supernatural

Can you think of any more?

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