The Men I Admire

13 July 2015

Admiration - most people mistaken it for a crush or developing love. But true admiration is when you respect and are impressed with a person or a subject, and you can't help but feel drawn to them. And these men are exactly that - impressive and inspirational. They have accomplished so many great things in their lives, and conquered the world in ways I can only hope to do myself in future. They are people who I would love to meet someday, and would love to know more about. If only, someday could be today. So without further ado, we have ...

Ryan Tedder
Most people will recognise Ryan from his brand One Republic, who have produced unforgettable songs songs over the years - used in countless cinematic and television soundtracks and adverts. But not only does Ryan Tedder have incredible vocal ability, he is the leading lyricist behind almost every single popular hit you've ever heard in the past ten years.

I would love the chance to meet him face to face, and be able to sit down and talk to him about his career, his passions, how he got to where he is and his continuous inspiration for lyrics. Oh I'm so infatuated with the stories his created through his magical storytelling abilities. The passion and dedication that he puts into his work is incredible!

John Lasseter

The genius behind Pixar and the producer of some of the most breathe-taking films this generation has ever seen. In 1980, Lasseter was a misunderstood revolutionist with the dream that animated featured films - made with 3D graphics would become a reality. It was under-heard of at the time, and considered absolutely insane by Disney. And aren't the best ideas always? What's absolutely hilarious is he now is a huge part of Disney Animated studios too! He showed them didn't he?

Hayao Miyazaki 
From the man who gave us Studio Ghibli and all their incredible films, Hayao Miyazaki is the definition of legendary. I love how he created this amazing production company, telling animated story in such a unique style, that have taken over the world! With the essence of childlike innocence and maturity, silliness and intellectual - these films are breathtaking. The animation is mindblowing, and the stories themselves are captivating. I was enchanted from the very first glance, and never once have I ever looked back. 

John and Hank Green

The founding fathers of the internet - John and Hank Green. This duo are dedicated to making the world a better place reducing world suck, through their weekly videos and their army nerdfighteria. Which I am proud to be apart of. These two have gone on to do so many incredible things. John has written many popular novels - including TFIOS, Looking For Alaska and Paper Towns. As for Hank, he created the amazing Emmy-award-winning web-series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and made old school fiction cool! And the funny part is - that is only half of their achievements. These boys continue to make engaging and entertaining content on their channel, which is not only insightful but thoroughly amazing too.

John Stewart
The head of The Daily Show is one of the most smartest people I've come across in mainstream media. Standing for social justice and equality, John Stewart is a revolutionary figure who continues to challenge mass media perception and battle political bias and ignorance through entertainment. He isn't afraid to stand up to his peers and voice his opinion against injustice. Jon will so be missed from The Daily Show when he takes his leave!

Which male figures in the world do you admire?

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