2015: A Year in Song

28 December 2015

Here we are again. I can't believe we're at the end of another year already! Time is just going way too fast I swear. To end the year in style, I decided to put together a list of songs that I fell in love with this year to kick off the annual favourites of the year list. So without further ado, let's get started!

January - Immortals by Fall Out Boy
From the soundtrack of Big Hero 6 comes this awesome anthem Immortals, that rocks the sky with kickass-ness. After kicking off the year with an unhealthy obsession with Fall Out Boy, I found myself amazed. This song was my jam. I latched on it's infectious and catchy beat, and did not look back since!

February - Style by Taylor Swift 
From the very get go, this song has distinctive beat that has my head nodding along, and my foot tapping in time with the rhythm. Taylor's vocals on this track are so soothing yet funky addictive. And with lines like these "You got that James Dean look in your eye," what more could you ask for?

March - Scotland by The Lumières
Over the month of March I fell in love with a little show called Reign, and it's theme tune. Scotland by The Lumières has this so historically classic and quaint feel to it, that is just so addictive. With a folk like vibe and infectious rhythm, it's really hard not to fall in love with this melody. The perfect song to listen to when you're preparing for a journey - getting ready to go or to leave. Take your pick really. 

April - Lesser Oceans by Fences 
MTV shows always have the best musical soundtracks, with undiscovered songs just waiting to be heard. After discovering Fences on this past season on Finding Carter, I found myself exploring their album and found this hidden gem. It's soothing, calm and epically lyrically awesome. The melody is so close to what I imagine pure love to be - soothing and free. This guy is one to watch - for sure. 

May - No Apologies by Empire Cast
Empire took over the world this year - from dominating topic conversations online to musical playlists. This song is what sparked my curiosity for the show, and I've never once looked back. It is the perfect track for when you need a pep talk, and need to get your head in the game!

June - Favourite Record by Fall Out Boy 
The best thing about The DUFF was honestly this song (sorry fans of the movie)! This little lovely lovely hidden gem became my ultimate summer theme anthem! It perfectly illustrates that summer vibe, and captures those moments where you fall in love with the world around you; where you can't stop jiving along to your favourite song alongside the people you love and cherish. 

July -Lucifer by Shinee

After rediscovering k-pop, I stumbled across this beast of a song that had me entranced. Those hypnotic dance moves and epic vocals are just so captivating. K-pop music videos are seriously the best thing on this planet, and these boys know how to make an entrance! Hilariously, when a friend of mine showed me this years ago, I gave her the most weirded out expression on the planet and laughed her off. Jokes on me now, since I can't stop watching!

August - Jenny by Tyler Hilton
In August, I had the wonderful pleasure of seeing Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele live in concert, and fulfilled by teen dreams of actually meeting them! It was incredible day, and I got to fall in love One Tree Hill and their music all over again. This particular song by Tyler Hilton took my breathe away that night and has stuck with me ever since.

Side note - If you ever get the chance to see them - please go. You'll never regret it! 

September - Now by Troublemaker
Dabbling back into K-pop world, I discovered this epic by the likes of the beautiful Hyuna and the dashing Hyunseung. The power couple of K-pop, who actually aren't even a couple. Like seriously?! Have you seen their chemistry?! This music video is so beautifully chilling drawing on themes of Bonnie and Clyde, and where Fast and Furious meets the Joker. I'm in love. Seriously. 

October - What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber
2015 is really the year for Justin Bieber. After all the negative press and awful things his done this year, he managed to get his act together and turn himself around. Now Justin is finally being recognised for something other than his rebellious misdemeanour's. With a beautifully eclectic melody soothed by his soft vocal tracks, What Do You Mean is a force to be reckoned with. And what makes this track even better, it tells a wonderful story about the confusion between relationships. Aren't they always complicated?

November - Hello by Adele
The comeback everybody was waiting a lifetime for! And finally, we heard from the sweet angelic voice sent from the stars above. Adele continues to take my breath with this nostalgia ode to past relationships and friendships. She perfectly sums up how it feels to remember someone years after drifting apart. Clearly the rest of the world believes so too.

December - Love Me Like You by Little Mix
This song is literally the perfect mash of a classic Christmas tune with bells jingling in the background combined with Abba's authentic music styling's, which is what makes it all the more electric! My only complaint is I really wish the music video was based on Mean Girls. Seriously can you just imagine it now?! God, that would have made it all the more epic!

What were your favourite songs of 2015?
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