Darkest Night: The Ultimate Dream Crate

24 April 2017

Popular culture has always been my favourite form of entertainment. There's something captivating about the fictional universe. It's no wonder that the passion the fans hold near and dear has led to the most amazing forms of creativity, from artistic graphics to fanfiction. Arguably the best result of fan creativity has to be the intricately themed monthly subscription boxes. Without knowing where to look, it can be quite difficult to find the quirky and unique gems that lie hidden in the depths of the internet. That is why subscription boxes like Loot CrateFairyLoot and OwlCrate are so amazing, because they contain hidden treasures that fanboys and fangirls myself just adore!

But the one theme I have yet to see is the Darkest Nights. The best moments in life and fiction happen during the late evening when the world seems so still and quiet, but yet somewhere in the distance, the adventure has only just begun. The Darkest Nights are a time where heroes and villains carry out their deeds and debts; where the action, drama and romance flourish into the breeze alongside the nights' sky. It's only fitting therefore to create a themed box dedicated to the cause. So without further ado, here is my ultimate dream crate inspired by the series and fandoms that made me fall in love with the night!

1. Iratze Healing Rune Necklace | Shadowhunter Series
Every hero needs their own luck charm to get them through their quest, don't they? In the world of the Shadowhunters, where youngsters are trained to battle demonic forces and foes from birth, the Iratze healing rune is an essential. To be able to heal quicker and faster than the normal average human rate is an asset. With such luck on your side, how could you fail?

2. Across The Sand Notebook | Rebel of the Sands
Quotes are often a perfect summary of the things we love and words of wisdom passed on from generation to generation. But the best quotes are the ones that have yet to be created, spoken spontaneously in the heart of the moment. And that is exactly how Amani’s story truly started.

Determined to find her way to freedom, Amani is set on her journey ahead. But after being confronted by Jinn - a traveller amongst the sand - she finds herself seeking a different path that will cement her name in history.

3. The Darkest Nights Produce The Brightest Stars
While the night holds adventure and mystery waiting to be discovered, it also brings fear and devastation to those who have something to lose. But those obstacles are often the ones that make us stronger and better versions of ourselves. If fiction has taught me anything, it is that!

4. Midnight Boat Ride Postcard | Tangled
Sitting by the side of your one true love, whilst you stroll down the river with an array of floating lanterns glisten their way into the night's sky ... Sigh, if that isn't the dream I don't know what is really ... Rapunzel truly is a lucky girl to have caught the heart of Flynn Rider.

5. The Forbidden Forest Candle | Harry Potter
When you enter the woods of the Forbidden Forest, something is bound to happen to you. Whether you bump into Voldermort, a colony of Spiders or a giant, your visit will be fruitful. At least if Harry Potter is anything to go by ...

6. Team Werewolf Laptop Stickers | Teen Wolf
If any show was the epitome of late night adventures, it would be Teen Wolf. What started as two friends Stiles and Scott searching the dark depths of the woods for a dead body, turned into a jam-packed adventure for the boys into the supernatural world of Beacon Hills.

Each character represents a different characteristic and trait we aspire to hold dear. I will truly miss this show when the final episode airs later this year.

7. Golden Mockingjay Pendant | The Hunger Games
What Darkest Night dream crate would be complete without an ode to The Hunger Games? The Mockingjay symbol represents the rebellion aginst oppression from corrupt authority, freedom and most of hope. Hope to see a bright day and a bright future. May the odds truly be ever in your favour!

What would you add to your dream crate? Let me know in the comments below!
This post was inspired by the lovely boxes and team at Loot Crate, who hand pick the most amazing trinkets and art pieces to go along with each month's theme. 

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