The Halloweenesque American Television Special

28 October 2013

As Halloween draws near, nearly every single television channel is filled with spooky horror films, new trailer releases or television episodes celebrating the most supernatural day of the year. Now for some, this is incredible. It's a chance to get spooked, to feel the thrill, the rush of fear on the day that celebrates it all. As for me ... I definitely do not have the stomach to handle pure horror. There is just something so terrifying about those films or episodes, that just make me scared to shut my eyes at night - just in case something crawls from under the bed, or walks through walls to come for my bones! Dramatic ... I know. I have a very over-active imagination. So, for all you girls and guys out there in the same position as me, you don't have to worry! We can all stick together with our dramatic thrilling television episodes, which are just as exhilarating as any other horror movie out there.  So without further ado and in no particular order, lets look at the alternatives ... Shall we?

Movie Mishaps: "The Lost World: Jurassic Park"

21 October 2013

When you're re-watching films, you tend to pick up on details you've never noticed before. Whether it's the amount of detail put into one single frame, or understanding a joke or reference you missed the first time around. But sometimes ... you can come across a mistake, a detail that doesn't quite add up. A mishap. And this time, I found one while rewatching the classic, The Lost World: Jurassic Park. It actually surprised me because I'm not usually the one who picks up on faults in movies. Even if I picked out one small detail that just wasn't quite accurate, I would try my hardest to overlook it. After all, movies are man-made. But this time, I just couldn't. This mistake made the entire plot absolutely impossible! If you actually love The Lost World, or hate knowing movie mishaps, then you have my permission to skip this post. After all, once you know something, it's pretty hard to see things the way they were!

001. Heroes

14 October 2013

                                                                  (This review is completely spoiler free)

Heroes:Volume One tells the story of ordinary individuals scattered throughout the world, who discover they have superpower like abilities, which affect their lives in numerous amounts of ways. While these individuals come to terms with their new found abilities, there is a greater force at strength, which may threaten the existence of the world as we know it.

I've been meaning to watch Heroes for years. 
I remember when I was growing up in high school, everyone was obsessed with the show. And ever since that point I decided somewhere down the line I will find out why, and now ... after all this time, I have finally gotten around to it. And I can easily say ... it does not disappoint.

'Heroes' is a well crafted, well written roller-coaster ride involving action, twists and turns, mystery, and three dimensional characters, 
which make this show incredibly entertaining and thrilling to watch. I highly recommend it. Never in my lifetime of watching television dramas, - and I assure you, my resume is pretty lengthy, - have a seen such a remarkable television show. Every single moment of this show, every single detail, ties into the bigger picture. You will be in for the time of your week. And I say this, because you will devour this series. The suspense lingering after every single episode is honestly a killer. A flawless well worthy season. I've never seen any television show craft such a perfect intricate first season. To say I'm impressed is an understatement! 

Humble Beginnings

7 October 2013

Pretty Little Notions, August 2013
Once upon a time - almost two years ago in fact - I started a blog called "Pretty Little Notions". At the time, it was designed purely to share my fangirl thoughts on everything I loved about entertainment media - ranging from books, television and film. I wanted a space to share my thoughts with the world, and if the internet responded - well that would be incredible. I never quite imagined myself falling even more in love with the blogsphere. It wasn't long after that I discovered I wanted more, so I found myself writing creatively and experimenting with graphics - something I hadn't done in a very long time. 

But my thirst for a challenge didn't stop there. And so here we are ... at my new blogging adventure, "Creative In The Arts". You may be wondering why the name change. The truth is ... it's time for a change. I was eighteen and fresh out of high school when I created "Pretty Little Notions", and since then I've grown as an individual and matured as a writer. I've always loved creativity, and appreciated the art of storytelling and visual aesthetics. It only seemed fitting to acknowledge that in this next step forward. You can definitely expect me to keep up reviewing in the near future, as well as some more creatively fuelled posts and shenanigans. So let the journey begin! I'll be seeing ya ....

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