Trailer Talk: The Fault In Our Stars

2 February 2014

Thanks to some unknown individuals for leaking content before producers, we finally have ourselves - after months of waiting - the trailer for 'The Fault In Our Stars'!  It's crazy how fast we've reached this point. Almost hal
f a year ago. all we had was a film in the works, accompanied by John Green's enthusiastic vlogs and our bent-back paperback copies, to tie us through the long anticipated adaptation. But now, we have footage of the story that touched our hearts.

This trailer was a beautiful collection of moments that - as a fan of book - I find to be the perfect summary of emotions felt when reading this book. It includes, that hopeful beginning of a love story between two teenagers who've battled their way through cancer, the development of their relationship through the aftermath of their struggles, and those beautiful moments of recollection and heartbreak that befalls these characters. The most heartbreaking moment of the trailer is towards the end when the words '
Okay', and 'Okay' are muttered between the pair of lovers.

This trailer appears to have a quirky vibe that most indie based, young-adult-coming-of-age films seem to have these days. It's not hard to see the distinctively similar vibes between Josh Boones's 'Stuck In Love'  and this trailer to 'TFIOS'.  The beginning of this trailer is a perfect introduction to this story, and immediately sums up the way Hazel feels about her life since her diagnosis and battle with cancer. It's a marvellous introduction to the world of 'TFIOS'. The feelings of realistic disparity that Hazel feels between herself and other teenagers her age is evident, from the moment you see her carrying her support system up to the support group meeting. The trailer seems to encapsulate the way Augustus Waters, in all his fine glory, comes into her world as an enigmatic, quirky and upbeat teenager who can not only relate to Hazel, but challenge her to see past her diagnosis as a definition for her identity. The chemistry between these characters is completely evident and spot on.  From his witty dialogue and charming personality, to his poetic notions of the world, Ansel Elgort seems to perfectly execute the embodiment of the fictional Augustus Waters I had dreamt of. His acting of Augustus Waters comes off as fluid and naturally charismatic, while in comparison Shailene Woodley's acting of Hazel seems to be awkward and unsure, representing Hazel's uncertainty to the world she will venture into.

 I do however, have to admit I have my reservations for Shailene's portrayal of Hazel Grace. I'm not sure what it is exactly that makes me feel this way. I imagined Hazel to be more reversed towards the beginning of the story, to grow as her relationship with Augustus develops, which isn't evident in the trailer. But ... this is a trailer. It is important for producers not to give too much away at this stage as it is only the first glimpse. 
Maybe seeing more footage of Shailene as Hazel might help.  It's definitely a detail that I can put on the side, but I hope she can manage to pull it off. This story is so beautifully constructed on paper, and I only hope that it's movie companion will execute this tale to the best it can be. I also have to admit I was slightly disappointed, when seeing the place where Augustus and Hazel have their dinning date. I imagined it to be a more culturally vibrant restaurant, with an artistic atmosphere or flair to the area, (paintings on the wall, themed atmosphere inside maybe), almost like a quirky restaurant with edge, rather than a upper class restaurant that had a monotonous feel to it. But that is a pretty superficial detail that I am sure I can ignore. What a beautiful first look into the world 'The Fault In Our Stars'. I can not wait to see more!

What do you all think of 'The Fault In Our Stars' trailer? How does it compare to the book if you've read it? Or how do you find the story if you haven't?  

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