Guess whose back?

2 August 2014

Hello world! It is so good to be back. :D You may have noticed over the past several weeks, I've been pretty absence from the online sphere. That is pretty much because of how hectic things were during this last final term at university. Unfortunately, because of the workload I had, I had to take a blogging hiatus to get through it all. But now, I am back and ready to get back into all things popular culture. I've missed so many entertaining things while I've been at university and it's time to catch up! For the movies I haven't seen, to the books I haven't read. I'm really excited to be back, and I can't wait to get back in the full swing of things!

I've decided to take a slightly new direction with this blog. Instead of just posting reviews (which you will continue to see plenty of might I add), I've decided to branch out with some more lifestyle orientated content. I hope you enjoy the changes occurring in the next couple of
 weeks. I'm so looking forward to it! Hope to see you all soon. Stay awesome people :D

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