Movies to keep you company this Halloween (Horror Free)

30 October 2014

With Halloween right around the corner, who doesn't love getting into the holiday spirit? As you may already know from last year's Halloweenesque American Television Special, I can not stand pure horror. Horror stories literally scare me to death - no pun intended. While I love getting into the holiday festivities, I do not fancy a night of debating weather I should or should not peak under the bed, or leave my lights on all night long to chase away the dark shadows. That'll definitely give me one hell of an energy bill! So if you're anything like me, here are some suggestions to keep you feeling festive and rather nightmare free ...
Hotel Transylvania 
Myth plus comedy? You've come to the right place. Hotel Transylvania is a holiday resort and safe haven away from humans, for the supernatural monster created by Count Dracula. When his daughter, Mavis meets Johnny, the backpacker - disguised as a relative of Frankenstein-, she finds herself falling in love to Dracula's despair. This story tells the touching tale of a father's love for his daughter, and taking the leap beyond outside ones' comfort zone. It's a wonderful story that combines emotion with humour and is the perfect movie to watch, if you're looking for something light hearted this Halloween.

Spirited Away
This enchanted tale tells the story of Chihiro, a young girl who discovers a supernatural world after her parents stumble across an ancient fair ground. In order to save her parents and herself and return to her home, Chihiro must work Yubaba - the woman responsible for her situation. The essence of this movie - Chihiro's journey - is about the transition from childhood to adulthood - putting aside fear, and facing the unknown with courage and conviction. The adventures that Chihiro faces throughout this film shows her growth as an individual and a character. Spirited Away never fails to bring nostalgic hopefulness with a touch of goosebumps after every single viewing.
The Host 
Set in a futuristic dystopia, an alien species called the souls have invaded Earth. Humanity as we know it is on the brink of extinction. In this story, Wanda is an alien soul who now inhibits the body of Melanie Stryder. With an vivid glimpse into the life Melanie held before through her memories, Wanda begins to slowly forms an attachment towards the prominent figures in Melanie's life - her brother Jamie, and her boyfriend Jared. Wanda finds herself torn between the loyalty towards her race, and for the people she has come to love on Earth. The Host is a complex story with emotion and heart, that transcends beyond the usual fight between good and evil, but rather shows opposing sides to the coin. An entertaining movie, indeed.

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

Still in denial of Lord Voldemort's return, the Ministry attempts to take control of the magical realm by taking over Hogworts. Using her influence, Dolores Umbridge begins to turn the school upside down with rules and regulations that drastically change life at Hogworts. With the help of Hermione and Ron, Harry forms Dumbledore's army - a secret society providing the next generation with tools to help battle the forces of evil that may be. For the first time these kids take education actively into their own hands - training to fight for the greater good. The perfect rebellion against misguided authority, if you ask me!
Red Riding Hood 

From the original classic fairytale comes a re-envisioned adaptation of a young girl with the red cape. When Valerie's sister - Lucie - is murdered by the wolf, the town calls upon Father Solomon, the infamous werewolf hunter. He informs the towns-people that the wolf is in fact human by day, and is living amongst them. Suddenly, no one can be trusted. Not even Valerie's childhood sweetheart Peter or her finance-to-be Henry. The mystery to find the wolf is not only one of the most alluring elements of this movie, but also the most thrilling. It's a chase against the clock to find the identity of the wolf before he turns his victim into a werewolf like himself. Red Riding Hood is loaded with romance, thrill and mystery that'll keep you on your toes till the very end. 

Vampire Academy 

Vampire Academy is so far, one of the most surprisingly awesome films of this year. My low expectations were left to burn by the end of this film. This sassy teenage comedy is told from the perspective of Rose  - a guardian in training -, whose sole mission in life is to protect her best friend and vampire princess Lissa. After a year of being on the run, the girls finally return to St Vladimir's academy, where they are met with a number of frightening incidents. This movie is self aware and has pretty witty one-liners that send me into fits of laughter. It's a rather fast-paced yet entertaining story - holding just the right amount of sass and emotion.
The Mummy Returns
Rick and Evie are back in the adventures of the Egyptian world, alongside Jonathan and their young son Alex. As Imhotep awakens for the second time, he seeks the golden bracelet of Anubis - which is conveniently placed on Alex's hand. It seems that the O'Connels are back fighting for survival yet again! This movie explores something I'm so fascinated with - re-incarceration and mythology! It's pretty intense watch, with quite a few jump scares along the way. But with the chemistry between Rick and Evie, and the banter between Jonathan and Alex, you'll surely be in for a rather entertaining treat!
Jurassic Park

If you're feeling pretty daring and brave, then this 90s classic thriller will be perfect for you. Imagine if the modern day world held a theme park with live dinosaurs who were living and breathing creatures. While the crew of renowned scientists attempt to wrap their minds around this invention by John Hammond, the dinosaurs are slowly taking control of the land. What should have been a fun adventure on a theme park Island, turns into an escape for survival!

What will you be watching this Friday? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Halloween folks! ^_^

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