005: The Fault In Our Stars

3 November 2014

The Fault In Our Stars tells the story of two cancer survivors Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace, who fall in love for the first time. I'll confess - I was pretty nervous about seeing this movie adaptation. Not because I had no faith in the director Josh Boone - as I loved his previous movie Stuck In Love -, but because I know the story. I was so desperate to see it, and yet reluctant to have my fangirl heart ripped to a million pieces of feels. But it was well worth it. This adaptation was not only faithful to the story, but it provided an added depth that I was really not expecting. It was a touching tale that perfectly encapsulated the characters of Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace.   

For all of you who haven't seen this film, you seriously must! This is a story that needs to be told and shared. It perfectly shows that these teenagers are not just cancer patients. They are just not defined by their condition – but their heart and soul. If you take anything away from this story, that should be it! 

----- Spoiler Alert! -----
If you haven't seen TFIOS, do not read the rest of this post ... 
You've been warned.
Thoughts ...
This movie not only acts the perfect companion to the book, and also manages to stand in its own right separately. While the novel divulges further into the details of these characters and provides depth to their stories, this movie brings their story to life. This adaptation managed stay faithful to the story through its core material and principles, but yet develops and expands on ideas that weren't in the novel to being with. The story was seamless and beautiful shown through the use of camera direction and visuals. It felt like an untouched glimpse into the world and happenings of the everyday teenager with a unique story to tell. It was so incredibly wonderful to watch, proving that Josh Boone was in fact the perfect choice to adapt this heartfelt story.  
Like its book counterpart, this movie recreated those emotions felt when reading the book. I found myself laughing so hard throughout the beginning, and by the ending I was balling, and so emotionally distraught. I felt that fresh vivid sorrow of losing Augustus Waters once more on screen,  and yet ... it was much more heart wrenching the second time around. Ansel Elgort was Augustus Waters without a single doubt. He perfectly portrayed that carefree attitude with expectational vulnerability that just took my breathe away. My reservations about Shailene as Hazel however, were not entirely put to rest. I still didn't feel like she captured that specific je-ne-sais-quoi aura that Hazel's character held; but all things considered, she did a pretty decent good job of portraying Hazel overall.

Something I really enjoyed in this movie - which I'm sure all the book readers will have picked up on - is the reference to the stars. It was a subtle and warming touch. I also love the scene of Gus's Eulogy to Hazel; it was like seeing Hazel through Augustus Waters eye's! It was by far the most heart-wrenching and beautiful scenes of the film - definitely my absolute favourite!

Shortcomings ...
The only flaw I found with the movie was the lack of Isaac throughout. He was Gus's best friend, and that friendship needed to be more prominently shown. I was upset not to see that Isaac's friendship with Augustus – which was almost that of a brotherly relationship – had not been justice in this adaptation. I wish the movie had paid more tribute to him, instead of making Isaac a side-lining character, that happened to be the reason that Hazel and Augustus actual meet. 

In Conclusion ...
While I enjoyed this movie so thoroughly, I would say there was something magical about the novel that could not be placed in the movie. Overall, The Fault In our Stars is a wonderful movie-adaptation told with such depth and seamless visual storytelling. I highly recommend it. It was worth bearing the pain to fall in love with Augustus all over again, and breaking down the barriers of Hazel Grace's exterior. I could have have asked for more imperfect infinity. 

What did you think of TFIOS? Tell me, what was your favourite part of the movie? Let me know in the comments below! ^_^

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