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24 November 2014

The DUFF - Watch the trailer here.
The DUFF tells the story of Bianca, a senior in high school who finds herself coming to an identity crisis when she realises she is labelled as the 'DUFF' - Designited Ugly Fat Friend. I've been excited about this adaptation since hearing about it several months ago. Not only is this story so quirky but it's also relate-able. Let's face the facts - at one of point of our lives - every single person has felt like the 'DUFF' in their friendship group. I loved the message of the story, which is why I couldn't wait to this young adult novel on the big screen. But by the looks of this trailer, this adaptation is far straying away from its original source material.

I have very mixed feelings about this trailer. On the one hand, I understand why CBS decided to turn it down the sexual tension a notch. It makes sense - the novel was slightly riskay afterall. But to change the entire premise of the story is something else entirely. The DUFF was never about 'reinvention', but learning to accept and love the quirks and qualities that made you unique - your individuality. The good and the bad. There is so much more to Wesley and Bianca than just their labels on the social ladder, and this trailer doesn't really showcase that. 
If I hadn't read the book, I would pass this story off as a typical high school cliché story, which it is far from. 
In the novel, Bianca never sets out to change herself and learns to accept herself for who she truly is. That's part of the reason why her her character is so iconic, and why I'm concerned for this adaptation. In this trailer there is also no mention of Bianca and Wesley  - other personal dramas involving their family, which is something 
I hope has been omitted from the trailer - not the actual movie itself. Based on this trailer alone, it feels as though Hollywood has decided to take this story and tried to turn it into - or at least advertise it as - this generation's She's All That. That being said, this is a first look trailer. There may be so much more than we haven't been shown. Maybe this is all a marketing tactic to gain some further interest in the story. The thought of that alone, leaves me feeling pretty optimistic. 

Despite some major changes to the plot, I still feel like this story holds potential. It's possible that the themes and events that take place in the novel, may be explored on camera - just without so much sexual tension. That is my greatest hope for this film.

I absolutely love the quirky nature of this trailer. Mae Whitman nails that quirky, quick witted yet humble persona that Bianca holds. It's hard to say anything more about the other characters since the trailer solely focuses on Wesley and Bianca - but here's to hoping that they stay true their novel counterparts, (and are more than just the typical high school type-casts).
 As long as the stories core principles and issues are stuck to in this adaptation, I'll be a happy bunny, and so thoroughly entertained. But anything otherwise oh ho ho - CBS, you will have disappointed me big time ... 

What are your thoughts on The DUFF? Have you read the novel? I'd love to hear more about what you think ^_^

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