Autumn Favourites (Media Edition)

1 December 2014

It's tricky to know when Autumn truly ends, isn't it? Is it when the winter cold starts to kick in, or when we hit mid November? Either way, it's the first of December! And you know what that means - the beginning of the official countdown to Christmas! Although I'm sure many of you already have your Christmas tree put up in the living room, and have been jamming out to those Christmas tunes! A wonderful way of formally saying hello to the Christmas spirit is by honouring the awesome things that Autumn brought! So without further ado, here are the things I loved so dearly this Autumn ...

Classic Alice 
When I finished Emma Approved, I went into a slight phase of mourning. Oh, how I missed those characters! Then I stumbled across this lovely webseries called, Classic Alice; A university student (Alice) quest to take on plots in classic novels, and implement them into her everyday life to see the consequences of her actions. It's quirky, fun and pretty dramatic story, with a hint of romance on the side. What makes this web series so distinctive and utterly authentic is how it is filmed with a handheld camera motion in the style of a vlog. If you loved The Lizzie Bennet Diaries or Emma Approved, this is so for you!

Fruits Basket
You may recognise this from my Autumn TBR Pile post from last month. Fruits Basket tells the story of Tohru Honda, who finds shelter in the Soma residence after finding herself homeless. The Soma's have a deep dark family secret; each one of them turns into an animal from the Chinese Zodiac. So this one may be cheating since I've already watched the series before - but who cares! I've been re-watching Fruits Basket all of November, preping myself to start it's manga counterpart. Somehow after all these years, I am still so thoroughly entertained by this anime. Oh how I wished this anime continued on, so there would be so many more episodes to binge on! 

As Arrow returns to television with Season 3, we finally have the long awaited glimpse of Olicity, which fans have been waiting for - forever! Olicity however seems to be a relationship blazing with fire and roaring flames - in both passion and destruction. Plus with the amount of family drama popping up into Oliver Queen's life, with familiar faces including Malcolm Merlyn and Thea - oh he is in for a treat! You know whatever goes down now is going to be utterly intense, especially when the truth about Malcolm and Thea finally comes out into the fold! Isn't that just the best kind of television drama you could ever ask for? 
The Flash
I have been loving The Flash so much this season. I must confess I've fallen for Barry Alan, the charming boy next door, whose been blessed with the gift of speed from a lighting bolt. And I am not exaggerating here one bit! This show includes action, mystery and romance - which is perfect for Marvel fans (even if you haven't read the comics like me). It's superbly entertaining, and best of all - there's crossovers with Arrow! And you know what's absolutely awesome? I'm finally starting to see Barry as Flash in his costume, as opposed to Sheldon Copper attempting to be the Flash screaming, 'Zoom, zoom!" I know I wasn't the only one who thought that too!

What have you been loving this Autumn? Anything worth checking out? Let me know in the comments below! ^_^

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