010. The Nine Lives of Chloe King

23 February 2015

The Nine Lives of Chloe King tells the story of a young girl Chloe, whose mythological heritage is awakened on her 16th birthday. She is the uniter of the Mai, a species from ancient Eygpt  - who are basically super human with cat-like reflexes. Her powers make her a target against human supernatural hunters, who have an ever-long-lasting fued with the Mai.

Though this series started off a little rocky, it was entertaining and fun to watch. Between the action of Mai universe and the family-friendship dynamics in the show, there was always something to keep you entertained. The Nine Lives of Chloe King really had the potential to grow as series. There were so many intriguing story lines to develop, between 
exploring the mysterious of the Mai, other mythological creatures, and their feud with supernatural bounty hunters. Unfortunately just as the show finally found it's footing, it was cancelled before all those beautiful plot lines could reach their full potential, and come to their final conclusions.

Heads up - if you don't want to get spoiled, skip to the conclusion! I can't contain my feelings for this story!
* * * * *

What I loved about the series the most was the whole mythology between the Mai and humans - not to mention Jackals too! I was amazed how unique the whole concept was - seeing as we have vampire and werewolf story-lines running from left, right and centre these days. Out of all the characters on the show,
Skyler Samuels - who played Chloe - stood out to me the most. Her acting felt natural and very quirky. She was a pleasure to watch as the show continued, which makes me so excited to see her performance in The DUFF! 

My favourite moment of season one was that amazing cliffhanger! It literally set up future storylines, and gave this sneak peak at where the series could go - like exploring Zane's gurdge against the Mai even though he is Mai himself. Oh and the fact that Alek is his brother - who he might even try to kill! What truly happened to Chloe's father since Brian's grandmother was impersonating him? What was going to happen to Chloe's mother, since Brian's dad has her? If Brian survived - who would he side with? His dad or Chloe? Did his mother die at the hands of his grandma? As you can see so many questions! Oh, it's so sad knowing that they'll never be answered on the big screen.

The two main flaws that I found with this series were to do with the script and casting. I found Benjamin Stone didn't hold the exact charm and charisma that the character of Alek needed. While charming on the surf, he wasn't really able to pull of that snarky, cocky but endearing attitude. I hate to say it, but he felt pretty wooden. One-
dimensional. I wanted more emotion, more feeling from him! As for Brian (played by Grey Damon) - I wish he'd been been given more quality, than just his 'nice' guy role. I actually cared more about Xavier - who was only in the pilot episode - than Brian. 

As for the scripting, there were times I found dialogue to be so artificial. I wish the dialogue had felt more natural, something you would hear in everyday conversation rather than scripted. Sometimes in the show dialogue felt pretty out of place, and kind of disconnected me from the story. I wonder if this may be why the series fell a little short in the first place.

                                   * * * * *
All in all, The Nine Lives of Chloe King was a show with promise, which held intrigue and depth. Despite it's shortcomings, this show had potential to grow into a pretty awesome show, expanding on the Mai universe and it's origins. Unfortunately it was cancelled before everything could come to fruition.

Seen The Nine Lives of Chloe King? What did you think of the series? Let me know!

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