A Year of Happy: Inspiration Board

30 March 2015

So its time for another monthly challenge from A Year Of Happy! The challenge for March is to create an inspirational mood board using all your favourite colours, images and sayings. Like last month, I decided to take this challenge into my own hands and truly make it my own. I went completely digital. Let me explain exactly what on earth I mean by that. 

For the past several months I've had the same wallpaper on my laptop, and at first it was pretty cute. But after a while - as you do -, I got pretty tired of seeing the same old thing - day in, day out. My screensaver was in need of a desperate change, and what better way to jazz things up then by this wonderful challenge.

If you've been following me for a while, then you know that I have a severe case of wanderlust. I've been dreaming for a very long time about travelling - seeing and experiencing different cultures, stepping onto iconic landmarks in cities I've never even heard of. I find travel to be so inspiring and fulfilling. Imagine immersing yourself into someone else's hometown - a place you've never truly experienced, but a place they know all so well. There's something very special about that. Like most people, I find travel and the idea of it truly inspires me. It's why I have so many saved images from Tumblr of landscapes and landmarks from all over the globe. So I used all those images I saved over the past several years, and compiled them into this baby right here ....

Not only do I have something so beautiful to look at when I open up my laptop, but also another reason encouraging me to go and travel. I consider that a pretty good success!

So tell me, what most inspires you in life?

Disclaimer: All images are from tumblr. I take no credit for them, apart of editing them for personal use.

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