Chuck Bass is A

9 April 2015

Chuck Bass is A. That's right, Charles Bartholomew Bass is A. Tired of his mundane days in the Upper East Side, Chuck was looking for more adventure and thrill seeking fun, especially since Blair was no longer on speaking terms with him. One afternoon Chuck stumbled across an old family photo, but not with his biological father. There in the picture taken in American suburbia was the foster mother he had come to love, a young boy with dirt blonde hair and his sister with luscious golden locks and a dazing smile. Oh he had known Alison Dilaurentis for many years. His father, unable to deal with the pain of his mother's loss, had sent Chuck - or Charles as Jessica Dilaurentis use to refer to him as - to the Dilaurentis. She was kind to him - as kind as anyone could be. Her daughter however was another story.

Alison carried herself with such arrogance and attitude. She was spoiled, cruel and always had to have her way no matter the cost. She grew jealous of Chuck, as Jessica began dotting him, caring for him with such love and affection. So Alison did what she did best - revenge. She began twisting him, plaguing Chuck with darkness and despair. Alison was there to torture him to insanity, without the knowledge of sweet Jessica of course. She threw around daily insults about his father abandoning him, how no one wanted him. He was abandoned, unloved. Oh how he loathed her. That afternoon he recalled all the painful memories she had inflicted on him - ruining his relationship with her mother, because she couldn't stand not being in the spotlight. Alison stole Jessica's most prized possession - a family heirloom given to her by her late mother, and planted it in Chuck's room. He was shunned, thrown out of the only loving home he had. In the depths of his consuming despair, Chuck began plotting his own revenge against his child nemesis. Ruining her through her reputation - well that would be too easy. So he decided to go for something more elaborate. He wanted to put her through the pain she had inflicted on him. Chuck wanted to torture her, petrify her, isolate Alison from the people around her, drive her to breaking point. Just as she had with him all those years ago. And there in play lie the plan to create the ubber villain A. It was so enjoyable seeing her crumble before his very own eyes. 

As for the girls, they weren't exactly innocent either. Assisting Alison in whatever ploy she came up with next, including the lies and deceit that left Jessica Dilaurentis furious with him. Oh they had to be punished. They had to suffer too - just like Alison had. And so began the texts, the messages and the murders. What's a few lives lost in comparison to a lifetime to mental torture? He is Chuck Bass after all. And nobody - nobody messes with Chuck Bass.

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