First Impressions: 'Empire' & It's Characters

4 May 2015

I decided to start a new segment on this dear blog of mine called first impressions, where I basically talk about my initial thoughts on a television show or even an experience. This week's topic - Empire, the show everybody can not stop talking about at all!

After weeks of anticipation - and constantly hearing No Apologies on E4 this past month - , Empire finally aired last week on UK screens. I loved it - absolutely loved it. Empire is my new addiction, and I can not wait to devour every single minute that comes my way. 

I don't even know where to start with this show. There is so much scope for Empire - so much history and back-story subtly touched upon in the pilot. The music is incredibly infectious and vibrant, matching each character's personality and emotions in a scene. But I think one of my favourite things about this show, is it's diverse range of characters! They are what make the pilot exactly what it is - amazing. Now let's see, we have ...

Luscious - the ruthless corrupt Steve Jobs of the music industry. Business hustler extraordinaire at the high point of his game. Money and success are his motto and best friends. If you interfere with that in any shape or form, it doesn't matter who you are, you're in big trouble.
Andre -  the deviously deceptive goal-high achiever first born, ready to take anyone down if necessary. What he lacks for in music talent, he makes up for in business entrepreneurship. He will stop at nothing to gain control of his inheritance - no matter who gets in the way.
Jamal - the charismatic, charmingly sweet and talented middle child of the family, facing extreme prejudice from his father due to his sexuality. Jamal is the artistic outsider in the family, who has no interest in money of fame, but ultimately seeks his father's affection and acceptance of him.
Hakeem - the youngest of the three brothers, who has been spoilt rotten by his father. Unable to see anything but his own dreams and needs, Hackem is self absorbed. His best friend is his ego, and he is completely obsessed with the rap-star lifestyle - including booze, women and bling. These three will ultimately led his downfall I'll bet.
Cookie - the badass mother, ready to make up for all these years she spent locked up in the prison and claim her fortune. She loves her children like anything, especially Jamal - and won't stop until she get what she wants. What that is exactly remains to be unseen for now - but I doubt we'll have to wait too long. She's not the type to wait around - not after 17 years in a jail cell.

Rhonda - Andre's power hungry wife, whose all in it for the money and the power. She's the type of girl who'll do anything to get what she wants, and I'm betting you that's to be head of Empire. Once Andre takes over after all, who else better to trust in his affairs and the family business, then his wife?

Oh just by knowing their family history, and these character profiles, I know this is going to make for an intense and complex story - which I am so excited for! There is so much potential in this story - exploring the world of the commercial music industry, and drama in the family. It's just so juicy, I can't contain my excitement!

So what are your first impressions of Empire? Who is your favourite character?
(No Spoilers please - I'm so excited for the suspense of the future!)

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