Life Lessons I learnt from "Into The Woods"

16 May 2015

There are so many lessons you can learn from fiction, from how to deal with heartbreak and
what not to do when you enter the woods. Earlier this year I watched the fantastic movie musical Into The Woods, which takes all the classic fairy-tales we know and love, and explores the dark consequences that come from their ultimate wishes.

As you probably know from my review, I was absolutely captivated and enchanted by the film and fell deeply in love with it's soundtrack. But the more and more I think about it, this story has some real life valuable lessons that you can learn from. So without further ado, here are a few ....

1. 'Wishes come true, not free'
By praying and willing, wishes don't just come true just like that. They take hard work, determination and action for them to come true. Wishing on a star will get you nowhere unless you go do something about it. Life doesn't just hand you lemons when you're sitting in your bed far away from the garden. You have to make them work, by putting in that valuable time and dedication to make them a reality.

2. Sometimes the dream isn't better reality
When you spend so much time dreaming and wishing for things to be different, you often imagine a very idealised version of reality - free from troubles and worries. But often the grass is greener on the other side. The world that you have dreamt of doesn't exist the way you imagined it to be, because life is full of unpredictable challenges that help you grow and develop as an individual. It's all part of the process that helps you grow as an individual.

3. Appreciate the present
Don't let the daydream, let you miss what's in front of you right now. As human beings, we have a tendency to want more, which is a good thing! Seriously, if we had no ambition in life, where would we be? But it can also be damaging. You may find that the things that you took for granted were actually more valuable to you than you originally thought.

It's easy to imagine how perfect things can be on the other side of life, especially when you're facing hardships in the present. Nothing ever is perfect. It's the imperfection of life that makes things perfect and wonderful.

4. Wishes and Dreams are continuously never-ending
Once you've fulfilled one dream, it won't be long after that there'll be another one to take its place. 
Wishes are abstract - they seem unimaginable at the time. So once they become reality, you'll have another dream to that you want to fulfil. And that is good, it's part of the process that helps you grow as an individual. But remember not to solely focus on your end goal, remember the journey it took to get you there. That will make everything more worthwhile and enjoyable.

5. Some princes prefer the chase rather than happily ever after
In every single fairytale, the prince is always the soulmate of the fair maiden. But Into The Woods tells a very different story. Prince Charming - the man-child, who has everything he could desire - is obsessed with obtaining what he can't have. So being told he can't have something makes him covert it more and more, until he conquers it. But then he loses interest once his gained what he desires, and moves onto his next victim.

There are people like that in life that you will encounter in some shape or form. Weather in be in your love life, friendships or even career. The most important thing to remember is these are people that aren't worth spending you're time on. Because they want what they can't have, they want the unattainable to fill the void they currently possess. This isn't by any means a sustainable way of living. Trust me, they aren't worth the hassle - at all.

What was your favourite moment from Into The Woods? 

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