Why Statistics on "Where Graduates Are Six Months Later" Don't Matter

18 May 2015

Whenever you flick through university catalogues, you'll always finds statistics
of what  graduates are up to six months down the line. When I was applying to university almost four and a half years ago now, I remember how important I thought league tables and graduation statistics were. I remember considering them to be the holy grail of life and success. I paid extra attention to those statistics of where my peers - years ahead of me - were going, and what they has achieved. I remember thinking clearly to myself that the people who weren't employed simply hadn't tried hard enough. After all if you went to a good university and worked hard during those years, it is impossible to not get a job straight after completing education. That is the end goal right? A job? But I was entirely wrong.

I wish someone had sat me down at that point and told me what I'm about to tell you - it doesn't matter. It does not matter one single bit what any of these articles say, and I'll tell you why. What you study, where you go does not matter. What matters most is what you do with everything you have learnt so far. I know many people who decided to get jobs straight after graduation, and others who waited a while before going into their industries. Some wanted to explore the world before starting their careers. Others are saving up to complete further studies. There's even a handful of college graduates attempting to reinvent themselves, completing projects along the way and figuring out their path in life. Don't judge graduates on where they are mere months from graduation. That's hardly any time to really tell you much about where their careers are going in life, especially when they are just starting out. Careers aren't made over night.

Life is highly unpredictable, and you'll never know where you'll find yourself. Where you are six months after graduation - such a short period of time compared to your 17 years in education - tells you nothing of where you will be in ten years, weather you are successful in achieving your dreams, or even if you are following the path you love. For all you know some of those unemployed figures may just be receiving their dream jobs days after that particular day in January. They may have even just come out of a really fulfilling internship. These figures depend on that one particular day - which tell you almost next to nothing about what that individual has been up to since graduating. So for all of you applying to university, or wondering where you be in the next couple of months, keep in mind these statistics are barely tell half of the picture.

You are one of a kind, and you could go anywhere your heart desires with determination. What success means to one individual, could mean something to another. You may find that your life after university may take an unconventional road. You may find yourself roaming the streets of Paris one day on a spur of a moment decision, as you call it your home for short six months. Or maybe you'll be working full time in a company and role that you never thought you'd be in. Take these numbers with a pinch of salt as you step out into the world. You never know where life will take you, or where you could take it. As clich√© as it sounds, enjoy the bumpy ride!

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