Dear Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele, Thank You.

21 August 2015

Dear Kate and Chris,

You may remember we meet almost two weeks ago on your UK Tour round the country. I can only imagine how many people you've seen and come across, who've gushed their happiness and delight to finally have the pleasure of meeting you. Just like I did. There was so much I didn't get to say in those short minutes with you, so I figured I would write you a letter to put everything into immortal words here on the internet.

First of all, you both performed incredibly. You took my breath away from the moment you sung with such passion and raw emotion. Gabrielle Ross was an incredible act who prep the stage for you, with her sassy vocals and glittery make-up.  Tyler - I loved how you combined the old with the new. I found myself moved beyond words as you murmured the lyrics to 'This Is Where My Heart Breaks', and yet moments later, I was jiving along to Loaded Gun. The fact that you could create such an upbeat atmosphere, and alter towards a sombre mood so swiftly and gently was beautiful. One of my favourite memories during your set was singing along with you to Missing You. Never in my wildest teenage dreams did I ever think something like this could ever happen! Combining the nostalgia with a fresh hint of new flavour definitely left me in awe of your musical ability, and pretty jealous in fact. Thank you for entertaining me with your story about bouncy castles in Glasglow as well. Who doesn't love a good anecdote between songs?

Kate, I remember spending my afternoons listening religiously to your song tracks, and just falling in love with every inch of your lyrics. They were the soundtrack to my summer nights and winter walks. Your breathtaking rendition of 'Hallelujah' was the first I attached myself too, and when you play it that night - it somehow took me back to those very moments of my teen years. Then, when you sung, 'It's Only Life', I found myself moved beyond words. The emotion you portrayed just took me to another world, and moved me to tears. I will definitely treasure that video I recorded most when life hits me hard - as it usual does. Secretly, I do wish you had played 99 Times, No Good and I Don't Wanna Be - maybe you could next time?

You both were a huge part of my growing up. You are my childhood, teenhood and adulthood all rolled into one. You were part of the movement that inspired me. I can't believe I was blessed with the opportunity to see you perform live - how electric! And also to meet you. Words can't even describe how I feel about that moment. I only wish it could have been longer. There is no community like One Tree Hill - thank you for being an integral party of that. Thank gosh Tyler, you are no Chris Keller in real life. No matter how charmingly hilarious he is on screen, your lovely nature and personality are a pleasure to be around and witness. 

The truth is One Tree Hill like for so many other people out there was my guide. It taught me the beauty of true friends, facing the struggles of relationships and life to get to the bright side of the rainbow. It taught me how to become stronger, when the entire world seems to be pushing you down. That night, I began to fall in love with One Tree Hill all over again as you revived those memories through your songs. As you sang 'Missing You' Tyler, Naley played in my head. As you Kate played It's Only Life, I vividly recall thinking this was the song that always encouraged me to take risks and pick myself up after the hard pitfalls of life. It was wonderful to be reminded of that message after all these years. I wish I could put into words how much that night meant. Tree Hill truly is my home, and you brought it to life centre stage.

They say that the best things in life are the most unexpected and they were right. I wasn't sure until six hours before the concert that I would get to be a part of that crowd that cheered you on, and I was. It was an absolute pleasure, and I can't wait until the next time we meet! Until then, I will keep replaying those memories through the videos on my phone, and pray that some day soon I may be blessed with the opportunity to see you again.

With All My Love,

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