How Theo Raeken Became A Psychopath

3 September 2015

Since Theo Raeken made his theatrical debut this past season on Teen Wolf, he has caused up quite a stir, attempting to claim and battle his way into Scott's pack. While tackling Stiles suspicions, and Scott's reluctance to induct him into the pack, Theo has been busy on a self serving mission to achieve his dreams. But how did Theo Raeken - a long lost childhood friend - turn into a monstrous psychopath? Here's my theory.

First he started seeing them in his dreams. Echoes of footsteps moving closer towards him, the men in masks descended towards him - moving faster than the speed of light. As the drops of water from the sink touched the surface, the oxygen tanked men laid him down on the gurney ready to operate. Each night he'd lie awake terrified to the bone of the nightmares yet to come.  And then, his dreams turned into reality. When Theo was only 9, he was kidnapped by the infamous Dread Doctors. Injected with an experimental serum - one of many - he began to feel the chemicals take effect. Slowly after screaming out in agonising pain, the serum swiftly changed him. No longer was he that naive little boy, who avidly traded Pokemon cards during recess. That boy was scared of adventure, of true power and greatness. He was reborn. Theo began to see things clearly, much clearly.

They told him he was a success. A special boy that has been destined to survive the tests of time. As he observed the world around him, he noticed how he could manipulate events to suit his way. First he experimented with insects. Torturing them to see how long they would last against the trials and tribulations he put them through. Then, Theo moved onto his classmates who bullied him with such glee. They became pawns in his game - something those insignificant beings would never understand.

His older sister began to take notice. Worried about her younger brother - who was so far from what he once was - she scheduled him appointments with the local psychologists. He played nice for a while, fooling the world around him and hiding his anger. How dare she challenge his intellectual! After-all he was so much more superior than she was. Jessica needed to punished - to see the ability of his excellence for her very own little eyes. So he meddled with the breaks of her car, letting her fall into the ice cold water with her leg, broken to the bone. 'Theo,' she begged him to save her. Now who had the advantage? Let her suffer what she'd done to him. Questioning his every move as if he were a mere child. The Dread Doctors didn't seem to think so, as they induced him into their plans. Finding others to make them see reason, to see the promise and possibility that true power could bring. They promised him a family of his own - others like him who he could connect with. And there, he found them.

A pack that could stand by him, support him - that could understood his urges and deepest desires. He wanted the Banshee - the predictor of death, the Kitsune with the power to tear enemies apart with the rage of fire, the Werecoyote who urge to kill was lingering in her bones. But most of all, he wanted Void Stiles - his ultimate companion to became his second in command. His trusted ally with a dark twisted logic - perfect for taking down the enemy and enjoying the chaos. They would be invincible. The best of the best. As he watched the unsuspecting gang from a distance, he smirked.

He would have his pack. Even if it meant breaking them apart limb from limb in the process to get them to see reason. They would come to him soon. It was only a matter of time.

Have any theories or thoughts behind Theo Raeken? Let me know in the comments below!

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