I'm a Muslim and I'm Tired Of Terrorism

3 December 2015

I am a Muslim and I am tired. I'm tired of mourning for innocent lives lost in this unnecessary bloodshed, claiming to be in the name of religion. But tell me what greater sin is there in Islam then to take a life of another? If we are not even allowed to harm an ant or a spider in our own homes, how can you even think of harming another human being? How is this act of sin acceptable? The Quran clearly states, 'I made you different from one another so you can learn from each other'. Tell me, by killing humanity, how exactly are you going to follow through with that notion? What did these innocent people, living their everyday lives do, to deserve meeting their deaths? This grief we carry should not be a regular occurrence and yet it is. My ears are numb and my heart is heavy. All because of this plague of terrorism.

They call themselves Muslims - followers of the religion of peace. But clearly they don't know the meaning of the word. These people continue to attack innocents even on the holy grounds of worship of their own religion, and yet they are known as 'The Islamic State'. Why? I really don't understand. Religion is being used as a platform to spread propaganda, and I can see it working before my very eyes. The vicious attacks they cause become headlines. The words Muslim, Islam and Terrorism being to merge into one. No longer can you see a difference anymore in Western media. These thoughts become fear, and fear begins to manifest into anger. And anger ... well that can cause some terrible situations against innocences living out their everyday lives.

You hear the stories now in the aftermath of the attacks. A sixteen year old Muslim girl wearing her headscarf being terrorised by a 30 year old man on her way home from London Town Centre. Another punched while walking to school in the morning passing through the High Street. People refusing to be served by a cab driver carrying out his daily routine, because of his Muslim status. I am so tired of hearing about this racial abuse. I'm tired of the distant fear that I will be blamed for something I had no hand in. We are not the enemy. We are the ones that live peaceful amongst people of other cultures and who contribute to society. We follow a religion that is peaceful, but yet has been unfortunately tied to so much violence. And because of that, a selected few have this pre-convinced image of Muslims what isn't true, but remains unchallenged.  The average Joe then has to face the subtle glances in their direction, while carrying out the simplest of tasks. The racial slurs on their way to work in the morning, making them feel the lowest of the low. Can't you see we're not anything like those terrorists who barely understand the religion they claim to follow? We are so different. We are nothing alike, and yet a small few think we are.

These terrorists are using this fear and this platform to fuel their own agenda. They work towards alienating the Islamic community to create a platform for vulnerable teenagers and young adults isolating them from the rest of society. These racial attacks on the everyday man indirectly help them to recruit people who may be susceptible to their claims, leading them to their own deaths and ruins. Isolating innocents is helping them fuel their agenda - their propaganda. Please spread love and be compassionate towards each other. Lord knows it may just save us from another tragedy.

So I urge you to look past the label. When you see the word Muslim or Islam, don't think about those monsters on television. Instead see us for who we really are. Judge us by our individual character, not the select few who ruin it for the rest. Judge me on my character. Judge me on how I treat you. I am a Muslim, and I pray that there may be a day where we may all live amongst each other in peace.

Thoughts and Prayers for Syria and Paris ♥

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